“Don’t let other people paint YOUR masterpiece!
It’s YOUR life… YOUR canvas!”
– Adonya


Of all the places on the Web you could visit… you came here.  So, thank you!  ♥

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about my Reiki services…

A separate site has been dedicated to them. Simply click here to be on your way. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

about my Autism journey…

Consider venturing over my other site to read all how my son (and his diagnosis) have been my best teacher. You will see how I shifted from thinking I had to “fix” him to seeing his diagnosis as a spiritual message for what humanity needs today.

about ongoing healing support…

Consider joining Reiki Transformation Online Community. It’s my gift to you, and within its doors, you will find exclusive content (audios, videos, eBooks, games, and other juiciness) all available to help you transform into an expanded version of YOU now! Just click here and join in on the fun!