The Spiritual Message In Autism

The Spiritual Message In Autism

[Original publishing date: July 6, 2010]

With so many children being diagnosed with Autism every day, it is easy for someone to feel hopeless, shame, guilt, anger, or resentment.

The lessons from our upbringings taught us that anything that wasn’t considered to be normal was somehow wrong.  So, when a parent listens to a doctor delivering the diagnosis, these feelings can come forward in a fevered rush, and oftentimes, a sense of abandonment jumps on for the ride.

But what if there was actually more to Autism than what we believe it to be?  What if these children came forth to help expand consciousness to a new level?

What if… Read more

[HOW-TO] Be More Compassionate

[HOW-TO] Be More Compassionate

This is a story about autism… on Broadway!

I follow a page that recently shared a post about a mother who brought her beautiful Prince to one of your shows.. and the near mutiny that followed when he was deemed unworthy of being in the presence of the other patrons.  The author’s words moved me beyond measure, and while reading his post, I became overcome with emotion.

I felt anger; I felt sadness; and in the end, I felt pure, unadulterated love.

As you read the following, I invite you to step into the shoes of the mother and child… from their vantage point, how would you feel? Read more

“Find Your Own Calcutta.”

This is the response Mother Teresa once gave when someone asked her what they could do to help.

As a species, we are living in a state of being that is centered around “me”, or “I”, and we have steadily morphed into a consciousness that has become extremely self-serving. But times are pressing us to expand our way of doing things, and the pressure is at its boiling point.

We are no longer receiving a gentle nudging from the Universe to change. Paradigms are shifting at a rapid pace, and many are scrambling to keep up. The old way… can no longer be sustained if we are to shift to the next stage of our evolution. Read more

Childhood Obesity and Autism… Oh, MY!

Barring any glandular problems, solving this major “issue”, whose stats have tripled in the last 30 years, isn’t as challenging as most people think.

Back in my day, watching television was a treat. Chores had to be done, and I had to entertain myself outside before I was even permitted to plop my hindparts on the sofa and veg out on whatever was happening on the boob tube. I was also only permitted an hour or two, if that.

But times have changed…

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