Veggies and Fruits and Great Sex? YES!

Now, before we dive in — oh, the innuendos — I just wanna say that I love to eat.

What I have noticed — now that I am closer to 50 than 30 — is that my body does not respond to food like it once it did.

My chemistry is quickly changing… and these changes are trying to affect my goody box in ways I do not appreciate.

So, I did what any good business owner would do… research on the best way I could fix my brand and keep it “Ziploc® fresh”. {teehee}

The quickest and easiest changes I found I could make were to my diet… so, I went vegan.

Well, 98% vegan.

Why not 100? I still loves me some cheese, butter, and creamer. I am sure once I transition from those items, my chemistry will be more yummylicious.

So, ladies… be sure you eat to keep that goody box tight and tasty.

And gentlemen, y’all do the same to keep that lollypop on point!

Oh, and happy reading!

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