November 5, 2015

Being Your “Darkness”

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I just finished watching The Devil’s Advocate for the gazillionth time, and I found myself thinking about what many call “the shadow”. I got to thinking about how often humanity has condemned people who openly expressed (and loved) this side of themselves.

But what really is so bad about our darkness? Some of my best work was born of it. Hell! even I was born in the”dead of winter”… during the season where darkness reigns supreme.

Even the “good book” states that light was born out of darkness.

For years, I fought this “side” of my being. Too many times I would shove emotions down, doing my best not to feel or express them because I did not want anyone to think of me as bad, rotten, unclean.

Through this constant battle, I found myself fighting on the “Light Side” rallying against the darkness and condemning anyone who went there.

Back to The Devil’s Advocate

As I watched Keanu’s character, I also thought about all of things I have done in the name of money.

There was that once upon a time when I wrapped my toned 26-year old ass around a Las Vegas pole for about 6 weeks… because the money was easy.

There was that once upon a time when I wanted to exact revenge on all the people I felt had snubbed/shunned me over the years.  [Actually, these thoughts still surface from time to time… then I get to thinking about karma… and I shove them back into the abyss from whence they came.]

Back to Keanu (P.S. I love you {giggling})…

Apart from being immensely entertained (the movie is soooo damn good), I also received a delicious epiphany. I finally saw clearly the truth of much of my angst throughout the years. I saw how my lack of acceptance of my dark side… has led to countless moments/expressions of judgment, guilt, anger, and shame.

As I was allowing this epiphany to settle in for the ride to come, I came across the following blog.  It is my deepest intention that, as you read it, you finally accept your darkness, so you can be your complete Self.

I am finally embracing the Winter of my being… because the battle has simply tuckered me out.  I hope you do the same for yourself.

Where there is light, there is darkness… and vice versa.

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be the dark. how to embrace the shadow side

We are bombarded with messages urging us to “be the light” – but what if true healing means embracing the darkest aspects of ourselves.

Be the dark. Walk boldly through the unknown reaches of the soul.

This year, I am embracing my inner “dark worker” because I’ve come to realize that actually our dark side is the most creative place to be. It is in the fertile void, in the dark, underground, where the seed germinates.

There are aspects of our creativity, our courage, and our power which, like a seed, can only incubate in total darkness. This is why my darkness has become my favorite place to be.

I have spent so much of my life trying to improve my dark moods, to lighten the dark humor that might provoke or offend the polite, and soften the sharp opinions that are often hard to hear and accept – even when getting right with them can be the most crucial step to getting out of denial. It’s meant denying the darkness in me that also translates as a low tolerance for bullshit, a quick temper, sudden rage, and profound grief.

It’s ironic though, that since I decided to accept my darkness, my moods have improved considerably. Like it was the constant pressure to “be the light,” the constant cultural shaming of the dark, that was half the issue. The dark is immensely powerful, and yet we are afraid of it.

But think about where the dark exists in our language: pure creativity “rises up,” from “the underground.” The answers to our most profound existential crises often lie buried in our “sub” conscious.

But the dark is where shame is lifted and new truths are actualized – as seen and witnessed only by those who are also willing to stray far enough from the safety of the well-lit path to witness.

Every fairy tale Princess walks a dark night in the forest on her way to healing and reclaiming her majesty. To grow, she is made to face the utter fear of the wild and unknown.

It is through this journey, in the dark and usually alone, that we find ourselves.

We’ve all heard stories of the Dark Night of The Soul, and how powerful it is to pass through it to the other side. We go on to heal others in our ascension to the light, but we become who we are in the dark.

So now consider this… maybe “black magic” isn’t so evil at all, but actually where the alchemy happens. Perhaps there is a tremendous, almost disgusting, amount of power available to those who are willing to go there. Maybe that’s what makes the practitioners of the “dark arts” so frightening to the rest of us.

And before you villainize the villain, consider that in some countries, it is dark for most of the day, most of the year even.

What if your natural state of being is more Norway than Florida? My moods are like the weather of Siberia – cold and dark with occasional bursts of incredible, irrepressible light. And I’ve decided I’m good with this version of myself. She doesn’t need improvement.

Our emotions are like a weather system. They are constantly shifting, and the seasons of the soul they represent are the very essence of change and manifestation.

If the spiritual “industry” is full of Light Workers – this year I am declaring myself a Dark Worker.

I urge you again to… Be The Dark.

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Emily Tepper, lovingly known as the Hipster Mystic, helps you get what you want with fun, grace, and ease. She will change your relationship to manifesting forever with her methods, tools, and power practices, getting you clear on what you want, removing the blocks, and leaving you porous, sparkling, open, and ready to finally receive your desires. Emily is passionate about the liberating power of self love. She will take you on a journey where you finally stop beating up on yourself so you can get what you want without having to struggle or strain at all.

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