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Get the support you need managing all the backend day-to-day duties of your business

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How you present your business online is how your target audience will remember you. Be memorable.

Get Your Peace Of Mind Back

Give The Reins of Managing Your Business To An Experienced Online Business Manager.

Since 2009, I’ve been helping spiritual entrepreneurs and solopreneurs grow their business by taking over the reins of their online business management—the stuff that is not joyful—so they can focus on serving their clients in a greater way.

I understand how being someone’s right hand helps them with easing burdens, so creative energies can flow more freely. 

And I understand what it means to hold space.

So, whether you’re just getting started, or your business needs a reboot, let’s connect.

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200% more leads

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Enrollments up 17%

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35% more subscribers

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Being The Victor in Trying Times

Is there something that you have not fully released? Something that still tugs at your heartstrings, beckoning to be healed?  Do you feel like you have lost your way, left with only a flickering light to illumine your path? Are there things that keep showing up again,...

Honoring The Past, Blessing The Present

I finally began to understand the journeys of those who came before me when I decided to pull my head out of my ass. I used to have a lot to say about everyone in my family, and everything they may have ever done. I was always blaming this person or that person for...
metatron's cube featured

Become A Manifesting Powerhouse

Follow this powerful journey of Manifestation through Metratron’s Cube created by SpiritofMaat.com. We begin with the Cube and end our journey even more powerful when we step into our Star Tetrahedron.

destiny featured

Synchronizing with Your Destiny

What follows is powerful guidance from the Mayans lovingly translated by the creators of one of its human Oracles. As you read the words, I invite you to move into the center of your Being and connect with both the heart of the Galactic Center and the crystal heart of...
what about bob featured

The “What About Bob?” Daily Mala

“I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful.” Such simple words, and with such simplicity comes profound shifts.  And shifting is exactly what humanity needs right now.

ernest featured

How to know “This Thing Called You”

When my mother was 6 years of age, a book that would change the lives of thousands was published.  Also, this book would one day find itself in my bookshelf—when I was not ready for its wisdom, even though, I believed I was.

money wish featured

3 Ways to Fulfill A Money Wish

Time to strengthen a power I am proud to possess in great force and that is wish fulfillment!  Yeah, you read that correctly.  Whenever I wish for something that benefits others, BAM and BADABING! 

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