Energize Your Sovereignty!

Opening you to the love of all while deepening your connection to Source and allowing your Energetic Sovereignty to fully anchor in.

The Healing Container

Have you ever noticed that certain experiences in your life make you feel drained, depleted, tired and uninspired?

Your energy field is a blueprint that contains all the energies and conditioning you created, inherited and absorbed throughout the years.

This includes a lifetime of thoughts, feelings, experiences, cultures, beliefs and relationships.

You’ve forgotten how immensely powerful you are.

During this 90-minute session, we’ll connect to your energetic blueprint to identify and release false patterns that are affecting your health and vitality at an energetic level.

You’ll receive clear communication about what thresholds or initiations your soul is asking for you to take in order to move forward into the next phase of your life, so that you can begin balancing body, heart and mind as a foundation for expanding your consciousness further.

The work we do together will set you up for success, eliminating confusion and limitation, and moving forward with more clarity and ease than ever before.

“Let nothing dim the light that shines within.”
—Dr. Maya Angelou

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Tired of feeling like you just aren’t creating the life that you want to live?

I can help you energetically support yourself to create deeper resonance to your highest intention, so that you are more empowered to create the life you have always desired!

Nourish your soul.

Let’s Connect!

There’s a 14-day booking window. So, if you don’t see a time, please DM me on IG.

Each session is tailored to fit what you need inthat moment and can include any modality listed here.

"I couldn't help but close my eyes and breathe deeply as Adonya began my session. I found her healing work to be a perfect tonic to transport one into a state of mindfulness. I highly recommend taking the time to experience her lovely and healing work as it gently and beautifully raises one to a very clear level of serenity. A wonderful balm for your soul."

– Sarah Starr

"After just one session with Adonya, the cold I was experiencing lifted. I had more energy than normal which allowed for a totally unexpected side effect. I got all my billing for the last 3 months completed which I was feeling very blocked on! I could sense the energy working on such a deep level. Thank you Adonya"

– Jessica Krewson

"I woke in the middle of the night feeling a bit depressed and overwhelmed. I am so glad I was drawn to you. My intention was for joy and inner peace and truly in this moment, I am feeling all of that and more. Thank you so much!!!"

– Denise I.

"It felt as though my 3rd eye was being massaged the whole time. Thank you!”

– Cheryl H.

In case you haven’t figured it out—I’m Adonya!

I don’t know what road you traveled that led you here.  I am, however, very grateful that you are.

My site holds has its own signature and purpose.

It lovingly helps me release, through writing, many of the things I’d love to say out loud, but choose not to do so because writing is a more eloquent delivery method (for me, that is).

It lovingly lays into words the forgiveness I haven’t offered face-to-face. Again, doing so through written word affords me the space to offer said forgiveness in a more eloquent and organized way.

It lovingly acts as a diary; a means to lay out my herstory. Perhaps in doing so, others will find healing for themselves.

By consciously choosing to be my most authentic Self and live fully in all that I AM, I am more easily able to help others be their highest expression through the healing services offered here.  Therefore, it is my deepest intention that my musings and other offerings greatly support you on your journey.

Certifications / Training

Usui MT

A unique healing practice used to reduce stress and promote healing at all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) through relaxation.

  • L1 2009, Ruth Ann Kelley, Oklahoma
  • L2 and MT 2010, Terri Ramacus, RI

Magnified Healing® MT

A powerful modality, inspired by Goddess Kwan Yin, that establishes a constant flow of energy from your heart to Source, that brings forth a deep state of grace.

2009, Heavenly Hugs, RI

Kundalini MT

This simple yet powerful Reiki energy unleashes the dormant Kundalini energy that lies within you by opening & strengthening your energy centers.

  • 2010, Reiki Awakening, MD

Imara MT

A simple yet powerful frequency that goes beyond the surface to heal past life issues, repressed or suppressed issues (physical, emotional, and spiritual), and other subconscious issues that still affect you.

  • 2010, Reiki Awakening, MD


powerful technique that cleanses the body and rids it of memories/feelings that hold the mind in a disharmonous state.

2020, Global Science Foundation

Crystal Healing Practitioner

A crystalline system of healing using sacred geometry and crystal energies to help amplify your connection to the earth grid.

  • 2021, The Academy of Ancient Magick, Online
  • 2022, The Academy of Ancient Magick, Online (in training for advanced level)

Crystal Reiki MT

A powerful system that will strengthen your connection with the light grid and realm of crystals as well as raise your frequency to be of greater service to the evolution of all earthly life.

  • 2021, Udemy

Sound Reiki® L2

This powerful modality “bridges Reiki and other ancient healing philosophies—using Sound and Light Codes, which resonate to the same Divine Light Energy as Source, healing blocks and releasing old patterns in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.” [source]

  • 2021, Sound Reiki, Online

Alternative Healing Therapy

Intimate session work that will help you to unpack what may be keeping you stuck in the mud, so you can live in an empowered space where you fully honor your Sacred Sovereignty. *by consultation only*

  • 2022, Place of Bliss Academy, WA

Violet Flame Level IV – Master

PArtnering with the great Goddess, Quan Yin, this soul-soothing healing modality is liken to a warm compassionate touch that offers immense healing to both body and spirit.

  • 2022, Udemy

Starseed Healing

Heals the trauma of incarnating in 3D, reconnects you to your Origins, and empowers you to assist in the evolution of 3D and galactic life.

  • 1968, Carolyn Wong, CA (DNA transference)

We may be walking on different paths, but the destination is the same.  I believe that we all want to know who we are; to be more authentic; and to be of service to others in some way.  







Human Design

6/2 Emotional Manifestor


Yellow Spectral Sun


Sag Sun; Cap Rising, Aries Moon
(true sidereal)

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