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Shifting Your Business into a New Paradigm

The Invitation

Do you even know who you are?

Together, we’ll strip away the masks, the façades, and the lies that have been allowed to become your truths, so your greatness can emerge.




It's time to

release your magic

I haven’t a clue as to whether or not you’re still on this page, so let’s continue this deep dive.

Here’s what I know to be factual.

I neither know you nor what you’ve got going on in your business.

In order to better understand these things—your USP, voice and goals, and what I can do to facilitate your success—I’m going to have to jump into the deep end—those murky shadows that keep being pushed further into the bowels of no return—those parts of you that you don’t want seen.

I’m going to strip away the masks, the façades, and the lies that have been allowed to become truths and lay bare your soul.

And if you’re looking for that to be all sugar n’ spice and all things nice, then you’re not ready—you’re not ready for me.

This is an invitation for you to travel into the chaos, be stripped of everything that’s not true and emerge into something you once thought unimaginable—who you were meant to be.

You are the architect of this reality.

You can either continue to stay small and hide, believing you’re making an impact, or you can be moved into submission—into that space where you crack wide and let go in ecstatic wonder and awe—and transform lives like never before.

Being Vanilla is boring!

A Full Service Experience

Sacred DominaTrix™


/sākrəd däməˈnātriks/
  1. a femmepreneur standing fully in her power;
  2. a femmepreneur building empires on her terms
black and white photo of woman covering face while standing in front of mirror
“All the space behind the mirror

will become dark…

and all the space in front of the mirror

will acquire an exalted illumination.”

woman in elegant dress standing in front of mirror

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