To quote my first teacher, “Reiki is a priceless gift, and so it’s difficult for me to place a dollar value on it.  However, you might consider that healing work is part of your spiritual nourishment, as well as an investment in your future health and quality of inner life.”

This quote fully embodies the reason why I started this practice.  

It is my opinion that the services I offer should be accessible to all.  We may be walking on different paths, but the destination is the same.  I believe that we all want to know who we are; to be more authentic; and to be of service to others in some way.  

This is your journey, and it is my pleasure to assist you along the way in not only discovering who you are and visualizing your dreams, but to make your dreams… your reality.

Open yourself to an inner journey of discovery, renewal, and awakening.


Healing may not be so much about getting better as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.

Rachel Naomi Remen

The Experience

 The healing energy of various frequencies flows through me (as a conduit) from the energy centers of my hands, and received by you through your intention to heal yourself.  Energy work influences the bodies systems to return it to a place of balance and harmony .

You may feel warmth or heat (depending on how much you have decided to take in), and this is the Reiki energy flowing.  You may also experience muscle twitching, or a tingly sensation, and again, this is merely the energy moving throughout your body.  You may also notice a deeper sense of calm and relaxation.  Or you may not feel anything at all.

However, this does not mean that nothing is happening.  You are still receiving what you need.

Energy work may assist with stomach issues, sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety, phobias (fears), tension, and may offer calm and balance to individuals living with Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, BiPolar, and other neuro-development ”disorders”.  Energy bodywork may also be helpful for individuals going through rehabilitative care.  

Through this modality, one may gain a deeper sense of relaxation and inner calm which is very helpful for healing.

(My service is only free of charge to military personnel [active, retired, and veterans], shelters/day centers, medical facilities, and registered non-profit organizations.)

Sarah Starr

“I couldn’t help but close my eyes and breathe deeply as Adonya began my Reiki session. I found her healing work to be a perfect tonic to transport one into a state of mindfulness.  I highly recommend taking the time to experience her lovely and healing work as it gently and beautifully raises one to a very clear level of serenity.  A wonderful balm for your soul.” 

Jessica Krewson

“After just one session with Adonya, the cold I was experiencing lifted. I had more energy than normal which allowed for a totally unexpected side effect. I got all my billing for the last 3 months completed which I was feeling very blocked on! I could sense the energy working on such a deep level. Thank you Adonya” 

Denise I.

“I woke in the middle of the night feeling a bit depressed and overwhelmed. I am so glad I was drawn to you. My intention was for joy and inner peace and truly in this moment I am feeling all of that and more. Thank you so much!!!”

Cheryl H.

“It felt as though my 3rd eye was being massaged the whole time. Thank you!” 

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