January 15, 2016

A Prayer for The Ages

I play this beezie on repeat. (Yeah… I typed it!)   Its melody is hauntingly beautiful, and I get lost in its magic.  So lost… that I find myself (unconsciously) swaying to its beat. I Am Spirit — moving in Divine timing; feeling what seeks physical expression.

“What am I playing on repeat”, you ask.

Ana b’Koach!

 Ana b’Koach is another name for “the prayer of the Kabbalist.”

It is a unique formula built of 42 letters written in seven sentences of six words each. Each of the seven sentences correspond to the seven days of the week, seven specific angels, and to a particular heavenly body. The letters that make up Ana b’Koach are encoded within the first 42 letters of the book of Genesis.

The kabbalists explain that this combination of letters takes us back to the time of Creation, and each time we meditate on a particular sequence, we return to the original uncorrupted energy that built the world. By performing the Ana b’Koach mediation, we enrich our lives with unadulterated spiritual Light and positive energy.

May this sharing uplift us all!

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