October 17, 2008

“Abuse is in the air… everywhere I look around!”

Come on, everyone. Won’t cha sing along with me???  I’m sure John Paul Young won’t mind if we change a word of the 70s hit, Love is in the air, will he?

Imagine this if you will…

  • You’re autistic.
  • You’ve been placed on a bus… heading off to school.
  • Your parents, who love you dearly, leave you in the loving care of your bus driver and bus monitor.
  • They, in turn, take that trust… and reject it.
  • They abandon you on a bus… for several hours.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been confirmed.  The world has truly gone mad, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this isn’t not an isolated case!

Seems like October is the month where we’ll have to stop thinking about Halloween and start thinking about keeping our children out of school for fear that they’ll be tagged for what seems to be an annual event for abusing our children.



Is this going to be the norm when we leave our children in their care?

Is this what’s become of all the rallying we’ve done for better treatment of our children?

Is this what we have to look forward to?

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