February 5, 2017

[How-To] Accept Who You Are

Many times, I have written about accepting who we are. Many times, I have taken the journey of this humanness and tried to lay into simple terms that we, as a collective, are not human at all.

When we look at our lives, we see with our physical eyes things that make us feel less than the Magnificent BEings that we should know ourselves to be.

Jim Carrey said it beautifully when he said “We are consciousness shaped in the form of a human.”

We are consciousness.

Experiencing life from any other place moves us away from the beauty of this “life”.

We are moved from acceptance, and find ourselves stuck in judgment.

When we accept that these physical forms are finite, and all that we should know ourselves to be is so much more than that, we will know peace.

We are Energy in Motion.

Accepting this truth means we will never die. We will always be. This physical form is merely a vessel that houses a very small part of our Infinite Selves.

Our forms may die, but we — as Energy — never will.

We are stardust.

Everything that makes up the Universe lies within our physical forms. Everything!

The stars, planets, and everything else dancing in space are just other versions of ourselves.

Every element of the entire universe can be found within our bodies.

Every element.

We were designed to be MORE!

We are not mistakes. This human world is not a mis-creation, as some would have us believe.

Everything, including us, has purpose. Everything. So, when we live our lives from this place, we find that the separation dissolves and life becomes as it was meant to be … magical.

We find ourselves accepting everything that shows up. We find that everything we have experienced was designed to help us live from our Truth and as our Truth because nothing was created that we did not call forth.

The kingdom of God is within you.

We are what we seek.

Whenever we look outside ourselves for someone else to help us, we forget that all of the answers lie inside.

Going within is the key.

Every trigger — every “dark night of the Soul” — is placed in our lives to help us REMEMBER. These moments have not been called forth to add more pain and suffering. They were called forth by us, so we can BE who we were designed to be.

Earth is a playground.

We are here because we came to play in this dimension; not suffer through it.

We said “YES” to the biggest play-date in the Universe — physical life.

We dropped in frequency in order for our Soul’s to experience the magic of physical life and expand.

Now, we must raise our frequencies through this remembering that we are more than we believe ourselves to be.

We must look at this dimension with childlike wonder and awe.

How amazing is it to be in this physical form to “see” the sun shining, “hear” birds chirping, witness wind blowing through leaves? Pretty amazing if you ask me!

“Once you realize you’re complete then this life,
and everything in it, becomes a play of form”

– Jim Carrey

Live from this space.

Stop limiting this experience through force.

Stop believing you are “of this world”.   You were born “from” it.

Stop living as if you are separate from life.

Stop hiding from it.

Stop struggling through it.

Start participating!

And remember:  accept that everything is you – you are everything – and you will forever be!

You are the Big Bang still in process.


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