October 10, 2008

And I thought I was being original!

Whenever I publish a post, I update various sites with the following line, “blogging for autism”.  Imagine my ‘mock’ surprise when I saw a button on a fellow bloggers’ site using the same phrase.  Actually, the button read, “Blogging for autism awareness”.  So cool.

It’s amazing what sites you find once you enter the world of blogging.  I’ve only been in it for a week, and I’ve discovered so many.

“We conceived and built BlogNetNews.com to help magnify and expand what’s best about the blogosphere by growing the audience for local blogs. Our goal is to make the blogosphere more useful by making it easier for readers to find just the information they want quickly and easily while helping bloggers get better at what they do by providing them the information to more efficiently engage with their fellow bloggers and readers.”

I clicked on this ribbon because it correlates with what I’m doing.  It was also great to see a blogroll of other bloggers bloggin’ for the same cause.

I’ve never thought of myself as walking this path alone, for I know I’m not.  TG!

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