December 13, 2008

And the Winners are…

Thank you from the bottom of my bottomless heart to EVERYONE who entered, tweeted, and blogged about my lil’ giveaway!  Words cannot fully express my gratitude.

The video you are about to view is unedited, meaning I did this on one take AND I enlisted the assistance of HRH (His Royal Hiney).  After all, this whole experience was made possible because of him.

Oh!  And don’t even think of judging me because he’s up so late!  {wink}

The books will be mailed on Monday because I have another giveaway at my signing tomorrow (WOOT!), and I want to be eco-friendly by making only 1 trip to the post office.

Thanks again!  This was an absolute blast!

P.S.  It only took me 11 hours to upload the video!  LOL  Hence, the lingo referring to tomorrow which is, of course, today!


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