August 7, 2014

Are You “At Home” In Your Home?

Do you feel out-of-place in your space? If so, it may be due to the fact that your home may not be energetically supporting you.

If you’re a “numbers are vibrational” geek (like me), you know that everything in the universe has its own frequency; its own unique energy signature; its own unique song.

Wouldn’t it seem prudent for your home to also have its own tune? And wouldn’t you like to be in tune with your most sacred space?

Good news!

For example, if you were to calculate (sans punctuation), 123 Elm Street Apartment 3C, option 1 would inform you that your home is a 6, whereas option 2 delivers a 3.

What this means to you In numerology terms…

6 means

“You’d better have a green thumb as this number demands greenery! When you move into this address, unpack everything you own, for you’re going to be here for a long time (well, it’ll feel like that), for this is a number of stability.” [source]

3 means

“Travel and adventure are the keywords for this number. Ambitious people are drawn here, as well as people who take risks, gamblers in particular! Everything has a place in this household, so when visiting a 3 house, expect to be told the cost of every new purchase! People who live here are seen as winners which often leads to jealousy and gossip.” [source]

My current home is an 11 and 3 for the whole address (apartment complex).

What this means for me is…

11:  is a Master Number. “When you live in an 11 home, you will be inspired with new ideas, creativity, and innovation. You will find many rich and rewarding opportunities, especially those that promote leadership and creativity.” [source] with a touch of 3 to the mix.

I (currently) live in Vegas, so the 3 energy does not surprise me. I am however VERY grateful of the 11 energy of my personal space.

Since I moved here, much LIGHT has been shone on my life, allowing me to see the truth of the people and experiences I have allowed into my space. Needless to say, it has all been quite illuminating.

If your home is where your heart is supposed to be…

And is your most important and sacred space… in the physical world…

Where you are supposed to feel safe, nurtured, and loved…

Then it makes no sense for your personal space to make you feel less that any of these things.

So, if this is not your experience, isn’t it time you made it so?

Take the first step by deepening your connection with your home.

And if you cannot move… do what you can with where you are.

Here’s to YOUR happy home!

P.S. Be sure to check out Sophia‘s breakdown on the numbers. It’s über yummylicious, and SO easy peasy to understand!

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