January 20, 2014

Are You Spiritually “Drained”?

Time is no longer flying! It’s moving at warp speed, and we can no longer afford to ignore the “inevitable”!  Nowadays, if we’re going about our lives sans conscious awarenesslife will “just show up”, and we will then experience all sorts of discordance on all levels!

Old ways of being are crumbling… and for some of us, this crumbling is being “painfully” experienced!

Whether we want to or not, we are experiencing change. However, with change always comes choice.

We can either choose to go with the flow, or choose to spit, cuss, and fight our way to nowhere fast!

Now, somewhere in our lives, we may have read, or heard, that change starts within. So, if life is “happening to us” in ways we are not enjoying then this may be a really, really, really big sign from “above” that something is outta whack and requires our immediate attention!

Whenever we choose to keep our focus on what is happening out there, we keep ourselves from enjoying the peace that exists inside ourselves. The peace that we cannot see it, is still visible nonetheless. Whenever we keep our focus on what everyone else is doing, we stop ourselves from receiving life’s yummylicious goodness. And whenever, we stop receiving life’s yummylicious goodness, we feel drained, out-of-sorts, crappy, and we blame other people for what’s wrong with our lives, which serves no higher purpose at all.

One of the biggest perceptions, or labels, that is often used in the New Thought community is Energy Vampires.

“I talked to so-and-so today, and UGH! The energy was drained right out of me!”


“I walked into a room, and BAM! I felt drained!  The energy was off!”

Maybe, just maybe, that drained feeling has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else!

Maybe, just maybe, what might be “off” is our connection to the Higher Self; that eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent aspect of ourselves that is our True Being.

We cut ourselves off from our Higher Selves whenever we experience thoughts, and/or feelings, that do not stem from a place of love. Whenever we choose to not be in alignment with the frequency of Love, our external experiences will be reflective of that choice, thereby, creating blocks in every area of our lives.

We may begin to manifest physical ailments that require medical care. We may begin to manifest ailments in our finances where we can’t seem to hang on to, or increase, our income. We may begin to manifest ailments within our personal relationships where folks just start dropping out of our lives like flies. This disconnect has the ability to affect anything and everything, and it is something we do not want to leave unchecked.

Time to bust out the Ethereal Drano®!

One of the best ways to get unclogged, and stay connected, is to meditate. It’s non-toxic, über beneficial, and F-R-E-E!  Even if we only meditate for a few minutes, we still reap the bennies!

It is through meditation that we experience slower brain waves. Slower brain waves means we’re no longer “in our heads”.  When we’re no longer in our heads, we get out of our own way. When we get out of our own way, we give ourselves permission to experience a deeper sense of well-being AND connectedness. And when we’re in a place of total connectedness, we then hold ourselves to a higher standard; one that helps us retain the embodiment of higher ways of being. PHEW!

Don’t have a few minutes to meditate? Okay! Stop! Right now, just… stop! Take a really deep inhale… now, slowly exhale! See! Allllll better!

In the end, it’s not about how much you do… it’s what you do to stay connected!

So, stop sucking the life out of yourself by being an Energy Vampire!  Make life easier by choosing to BE the embodiment of the Higher Self!

Allow and in-joy life as it was designed to be experienced… easily and Gracefully!

What Gemmy Bauble can we use that will help us heighten spiritual awareness, reach higher states of consciousness, open/enhance intuition, and cleanse and protect the aura???


It’s inexpensive and pretty much available almost everywhere. (I know someone who bought some stones at a gas station! Y’never know where treasure can be found!)

[If you want to know more about what happens to our brains when we meditate and some of the benefits then check out this article from Life Hacker! Good stuff!]


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