May 25, 2015

Are Your Problems Really THAT Big?

Is our perspective of the things occurring in our lives making them larger than they are?

Jay-Z once rapped about having 99 problems, but a bitch wasn’t one of them.

Has life become the bitch we’ve made it to be?  Have we lost perspective?


Is our perspective of life on point?

I may not have the answer to these questions. However, I do know this much.  Life is about what we choose for ourselves… in any moment… and our perspective will either limit or expand us in some way. Either way, we are moved into something greater than our previous position.

For example, you could be the expert who teaches other people how to heal and let go of what no longer serves them while simultaneously choosing to hold on to your own pain; your own self-imposed limitations.

Technology has given us the gift of experiencing, with our physical senses, that which exists beyond our planet. Yet, this gift hasn’t made much of a difference to how we perceive life because our problems on Earth are still deemed as “larger than life” itself and/or irreparable.

Are they really as big as they appear to be?

Perspective can be truth or that which leads to truth, and it would seem that we have allowed our experiences to “appear larger than they seem”.

The images in the gallery below have traveled the Internet for years. I believe they convey, quite beautifully, just how big life (our problems) on Earth really is.

It is my opinion that life isn’t the bitch we believe it to be. Compared to the entire Universe, life on Earth is, well, quite small in stature. 🙂

I am a huge fan of one being their own guru. I believe there is much wisdom to be gained when we accept what is true for ourselves regardless of the medium (person/book/blog 😉 ) delivering said truth.

You feel me?

One of the truths I have accepted comes from the simple teaching of the great guru {giggling} , Rafiki, who said to Timon, “Look beyond what you see“. 😀

So, how many problems do you really have? <3


Danburite “Helps us to witness what happens in our lives from the soul perspective and have a feeling of calmness and serenity even when life seems very difficult.” {source}

[Post published at 3:53pm Pacific during the hour of Saturn. Angel number meaning for 353: “The Ascended Masters are right by your side, supporting you through all these shifts and changes. Although, you may not see what’s in store for you, know that this transition is for the best!”]

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