October 14, 2008

ASD is a ND so what’s up with HI denial?

Don’t you just love the wonderful world of acronyms (or made up abbreviations)?

I came across a blog today that brought a concern of mine back to the foreground.  It’s the issue of the autism health coverage laws.

Many states have adopted a partial law.  Meaning, if a ND (neurological disorder) is already covered by health insurance (HI), then a person with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) cannot be denied coverage.

Other states, have ignored even hearing the legislature (i.e OKLAHOMA).

I remember when I voiced my disdain in a local newspaper over my state legislators pushing Nick’s Law aside.  As I read one reader’s comment, I couldn’t help but wonder if this person would feel the same way… had the child needing health insurance been theirs?

With the rise in autism diagnoses every year, I don’t understand why some people choose to turn a deaf ear to the issue.  I refuse to believe that these people are egoists.

I refuse to believe that.

What will it take to make people see that we, the autism community, are not crying wolf?  What will it take to make people see that we do have a problem on our hands?

What will it take?

I am not an expert in the field of autism.  My every day experiences with the disorder stop with my son, Nicholas.  Although, I have met other children on the spectrum, I do not spend as much time with them as I do my son.

I mention this fact, because the moment you say you are a parent to a child on the spectrum, people start bombarding you with questions, hoping you’ll have the answers.

I don’t offer advice.

I only share how autism has affected my family, in hopes, that maybe, someone else will find hope.

So, you’ll have to bear with me for a while.

I’m going to stay on this soap box until someone, somewhere, shouts out, “ENOUGH!  I’m listening, and I’m ready to help!

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