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November 20, 2008

“Aspergers in Grey’s Anatomy: Rainman Returns”

Fellow blogger, Kari, wrote a post at Silicon Valley Moms Blog about the hit ABC show, Grey’s Anatomy and their extremely insulting portrayal of Aspergers Syndrome.

Kari very eloquently expressed her feelings about this new, and, thankfully, temporary character. Something I am unable to do at this moment in time.  The reason I am unable to eloquently express my feelings is because I am so incredibly ticked off right now, I can’t even think straight.

Here’s an excerpt from her post.

I had high hopes for Mary McDonnell’s three-episode-arc character Dr. Virginia Dixon on Grey’s Anatomy. I thought, “It will be great to see someone a little quirky take on the already strange social scene at Seattle Grace.” Unfortunately, when the episode aired, I was disappointed. Instead of a brilliant cardiac surgeon who happens to have Aspergers, Dr. Dixon is a very impaired Rainman-like stereotype of autism.

While the words I write about autism are read by a couple hundred people, and the words other parents may write about similar topics might be read by a few thousand people, Grey’s Anatomy has viewers in the millions.

Should you decide to venture online to witness ABC’s disparaging view of autism, bear in mind one thing…

Dr. Dixon is not autism, and autism is not Dr. Dixon!

Dr. Virginia Dixon reinforces the stereotype of autism that so many of us are trying to get away from.  We want the public perception of autistic spectrum disorders to become more realistic.

I couldn’t agree with you more, Kari!

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