November 29, 2008

Autism: A Community Divided.

You have the warriors.

And then there’s the rest of us.

The warriors will, literally, stop at nothing to “fix” their children.

While the rest of us don’t view our children as being broken and in need of repair.

The warriors are very angry and are certain of the “cause” and “cure” for autism.

While the rest of us believe, and know, that there’s more to learn and discover about the “causes” and that there’s definitely not a “cure” for something still considered a mystery.

Like the nation, our community is extremely divided, and I do not know how we can come together.

The warriors don’t  understand those of us who don’t subject our children to rather intensive and extensive therapies just so we can have the “perfect” child.

No.  I don’t think they like us very much at all.

The warriors also don’t appreciate it if you don’t agree with them by claiming that vaccines are the “primary” cause of autism.

Is it Mercury?There is enormous controversy over whether or not mercury has played a role in the explosion of neurological disorders (NDs) amongst our children. We feel strongly that mercury has played a primary role in the ND epidemic, and that it’s removal from the bodies of our children is a key to recovery.

They actually send hate mail if you say it ain’t so.

Regardless of our differences, I believe we all love our children, and we all do what we feel is right for them.

In my opinion, there’s only wrong way to parent is that’s to not be a parent (4. a protector or guardian) at all.

In a blog post yesterday, the About Autism Guide, Lisa Jo, made an eloquent statement that only a loving parent to a child on the spectrum could make,

I’m determined to find my child’s strengths, and help him to build on them. … I’m determined to see my child as a person who can do many things – some of them very well indeed.

I am no warrior mom. I’d been a mom regardless if my child had autism or not. I’d stick up for him when needed no matter what as well. But I more accept his limitations and autism than to subject him to something that no where does it state for sure will help ‘this’ child.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post titled, Waiting to Hear You’re Fired! It spoke of my involvement with Generation Rescue (and considering the fact that I’m still receiving angel email must mean they still considered me to be part of their armed platoon).

In a recent email, a mother made this statement that made my blood go cold.

I feel like every second he’s not diagnosed by a medical professional, I’m wasting time that I could be fixing him.

Look.  If a parent wants to utilize Gen R’s Action Plan then that’s their choice.  I just wish they would stop trying to “fix” their children.

If the rest of us don’t

…go beyond mainstream medicine to focus on the true cause and cure

Does this imply that we haven’t confronted

…the reality that doctors (us) trusted unwittingly failed (us) and that a government that (we) believed would protect (us) from unsafe drugs did not?

If we don’t

…experience feelings of anger, despair and (become) overwhelmed or question basic human decency

Does this mean we don’t care about our children?  That we don’t love them… as much?

Are we so deep in the dark that we don’t know

… what is true?

And choose not to believe that

In the end, the truth always prevails?

This community desperately needs to be healed.

The time is now for us to come together.

It’s time for the shields and armor to come down so we can become one.

Because if comments like these continue to be made, we will remain divided.

(6) Autismnewsbeat says:
“I’m determined to find my child’s strengths, and help him to build on them. … I’m determined to see my child as a person who can do many things – some of them very well indeed.”Bravo, Lisa! And how is this any different than how we would approach an NT child?

The “Warrior Mom” fad is a disingenuous bit of marketing piffle that translates into rejecting a child’s personality, the same way we are told to reject dry, flaky skin; or static cling; or calcium scale on our dishware. And worse yet, the Warrior Mom ethos is rooted not in empirical evidence, or the best advice of real medical experts, but rather the spoiled tantrums of a D-list actress who still thinks vaccines contain anti-freeze.

Health care fraud is an $80 billion a year racket, and the bad guys know about autism. Be skeptical. Given lack of a control group, and enough time, grape Jello® will look like an effective treatment for autism.

(7) Terry says:
There is no point in arguing positions of parents. One cannot decide what is best for another. However, Autism Newsbeat, what science are you talking about specifically? The medical community does not even agree that the rate of autism is actually rising and not better or alternative diagnosis. You have to have been living under a rock to believe this. Tell us ANB, what treatments are suggested? What therapies are proven? Do you have time to wait around? You are going to be waiting a long time. Maybe in another decade, a decision will be made that, in fact, the autism rate has risen. If you are happy with your child the way he or she is and when you are gone that he or she will be “just fine,” good for you. Do not be a fool however. Your so called, “science” always starts with a hypothesis and a guniea pig. Take for example, chelation. The study has been cancelled (its considered unethical). It is not unethical however to give a kid risperdal off-label (thats right it was being given by many docs to control behavior). It causes severe weight gain, tics and diabetes. But, it is now scientifcially “valid.” Follow the money. Vitamins have not been studied. Who is going to pay for the reasearch? Fish Oil? Same thing. CoQ10? Ditto. The mainstream medical docs have been using it for years! Ketogenic diet? It works. Modified atkins diet? It works. Studies? Very few. No money in it. Wake up people!
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