August 26, 2013

Be A Blessing and Be Blessed!

© Adonya Wong 2013

What does it mean to be a blessing? Does it mean that you need to don a robe and sprinkle holy water on others… saging their souls along the way? There are many definitions of what a blessing “is”, but only one definition will be true for you. And that truth lies within your heart…

When you bless, you shift your perception from “outside of me” and accept everything as “all of me”.

When you bless, you close the gap between “them” and “me”, “theirs” and “mine”.

When you bless, you move through life guided by the promptings of your heart, and you see life, in all its forms, as sacred and perfect.

When you bless, your life is magical, joyful, at one, and at peace, with everything.

Start your day by gazing at this healing image… while mentally asking yourself one simple, yet profound question, “How can I be a blessing today”? then watch as your world transforms in unimaginable ways!

 Know that you are… I AM that I AM!


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