July 31, 2014

Be Like Telfon® and Let It Slide

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keep-calm-and-badass-goddess-itDo you tend to let stress stick to you, like Velcro®, all day long, or do you tend to let it slide off your back, like Telfon®, and forget about it?

Here is a study to help you find out more about your stress management style. It’s called The Velcro Teflon Study. This fascinating study done by Penn State University researchers viewed how people handle stress. The Velcro Teflon Study observed people’s response to stress and their health in 1995 and then again 2005. David Almeida, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State, and his team found that the stress experienced and held on to by the “Velcro®” people today can help predict their state of health 10 years from now. These people are more likely to suffer pains and cardiovascular problems than the “Teflon®” people who do not hold onto their stress. ©

Which one are you, Velcro® or Teflon®?

The purpose of this newsletter is to raise awareness in the way you handle and hang on to your stressors. *Awareness is the first step to making wise and healthy choices. If you are the Teflon®, keep doing what you are doing. However, if you are the Velcro® like me and have a difficult time letting go of the stress, here are 3 easy steps that I have cultivated to be like Telfon® and let it slide.

Step 1: Belly Breath – Take deep breaths that will go all the way down to your abdomen. Notice how your belly gets bigger as you inhale. When you are ready to exhale your stomach will go back to it normal resting position. Belly breathing is one of the oldest ways to help calm the mind-body-spirit. This is my initial “go to” technique when I notice the Velcro wanting to hold on to my stressors. Then I move to step 2.

Step 2: Physical Activity– Start moving your body. Go for a walk, run, swim, jump, or dance. Your location will determine the kind of healthy steps you can do. If you are at work, take a quick break and go for a walk or go to the nearest stairwell and work off your steam. If you are at home, put on some feel good music and either run, jump, or dance your stress away. Allow your body to have a natural way to release the tension and the angst from the stress in a healthy way. This will help diffuse your stress.

Step 3: Use Your Words – Talk to someone about your feelings. Ideally, talk with the person or people that have upset you. If there is no one around that you can talk to then talk to yourself. Yes, don’t ever forget about the one of the most brilliant people in your life, YOU. Ask yourself what is really, really, really true in the situation and not what your mind thinks is going on. Another way of expression is journaling. Spill your words on to the paper. This will help you get rid of your aggravation to avoid holding on to it or letting it ruminate in your mindFree Web Content, which can cause you deeper and longer lasting negative health-related outcomes.

How about YOU?

Are you like a Velcro® or Teflon® when it comes to your stress? Enjoy these tips to help you to be like Telfon® and let it slide.


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