May 6, 2011

When the Shift Hits, Be the Fan!

Change is inevitable. Every day, we change our minds; change lanes, and hopefully, our underwear too! But what matters most is how present and ready we are when these changes come about. Do we use these reminders as a means to appreciate where we are, or are we too caught up with no thoughts toward our actions?

Thanks to technology, life has sped up in such a way that one can either desperately try to keep up, or be in fear of being lost in the race. Our bodies weren’t designed to move at the pace we’re moving in today. Our systems cannot handle always being in fight or flight mode. Yet, we can look at “flight” as not something we’re running away from, but more as a space where we embrace more freedom to be ourselves.

Humanity is ready for great change. All around the world, people are standing up and actively participating in the change they want to see. All around the world, more and more people are seeking authenticity in their lives.

We receive guidance all the time. Some call it our intuition; others refer to it as a gut feeling. Either way, we’re always being gently nudged to make better choices for ourselves. But most of us choose to ignore this guidance and wonder why life remains difficult and challenging.

Let’s get back to our underwear, shall we?

Our mothers always told us to never leave the house wearing ratty drawers because we never know what might happen. And the last thing we’d want is to be in a position where we’re sporting undies that look like they should have been tossed eons ago. So, if we go to such lengths to ensure we’re always donning clean and “untattered” undies then we should be just as mindful of the thoughts we have throughout the day.

Of course, we can’t monitor every single thought that flies in and out of our heads, but we can choose to change the channel to thoughts that make us feel better.

Change starts within.

We don’t have to become Zen monks, and meditate for hours on end in order to find peace in our lives. And we don’t have to climb tall mountains, and fast until we’ve reached enlightenment. But we can choose to be in a better state of mind, even when the shift hits.

The shift’s gonna hit whether we like it or not, but it’s where we are, within ourselves when it does hit, that determines if we’re going to react in the same old way, or respond from a place of “centeredness”.

Easier said then done? Not really. It shouldn’t matter if we have ten kiddos running around tearing the house up, or we’ve just received word that after twenty “good” years of dedicated service, our job has been eliminated, or outsourced… we still have the choice to not allow ourselves to get sucked back into “the world’s out to get me” space.

We’re only a victim if we choose to be one, and we’re all far more resilient and courageous than we give ourselves credit for. If we would just sit and reflect back on our lives, we would see so much evidence of where we rose above the ashes… triumphant!

Shift can hit in two ways… it can smell like a bed of fresh roses, or like a pile of “something unpleasant”! It’s all about choice! So, when it does hit, choose to be the fan; the catalyst that blows the winds of change across the plains of humanity, assisting it in shifting into higher levels of consciousness, and ultimately, creating a better world.


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