June 21, 2020

Become A Manifesting Powerhouse

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Follow this powerful journey of Manifestation through Metratron’s Cube.

We begin with the Cube and end our journey even more powerful when we step into our Star Tetrahedron.

The Cube

“The cube (see ex. 3) is associated with the element Earth. Simple straight lines on simple circles. Creating a balance of masculine and feminine energy and consciousness. Creating a consciousness that ties to the Earth.

What is Earth consciousness?

Grounding; providing a foundation for structure.”

The Tetrahedron

“…the cube connects to earth consciousness and creates a grounding or foundation for the manifestation.

This month, we investigate the tetrahedron which is connected to fire consciousness.

What is fire consciousness?

Fire consumes and transmutes one element to another.”

The Octahedron

“The octahedron is associated with the consciousness of air.

What is air consciousness?

Air is moving constantly. Slowly, like a soft breeze or a sigh. Fast, like a tornado or an explosion of anger.”

The Icosahedron

“The icosahedron has twenty-three sided faces and is connected with water consciousness.

What is water consciousness?

Water is alive and promotes life.”

The Dodecahedron

“The Dodecahedron has twelve five-sided faces and is associated with prana consciousness.

What is prana consciousness?

Prana is life force energy.

Prana feeds all life. It is life.”

The Star Tetrahedron

“The Star Tetrahedron is formed from connecting certain centers of the circles within Metatron’s Cube, creating an upward pointing tetrahedron and a downward pointing tetrahedron, intersecting in the middle.

This is the shape formed when our first eight cells are created. Those eight cells never die. They live as long as our body lives. Other cells die and are recreated. But those eight are who we are.”

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