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December 7, 2015

Becoming A Conduit of Peace

I just love how life rhymes!™  I love how someone will mention something that leads me on a quest where I discover some juicy Soul food. Something so yummylicious that I  just know that I ended up exactly where I needed to be in that moment!

Synchronicity at its best!

Whenever I wake up from my nightly Soul-journ, I do not think about what is wrong with the world. Instead, I relish in all that is right in my world in that moment.

I feel deep appreciation for my comfy bed… as well as the fact that my beautiful body deva woke up to experience another day in this physical world. [That last one is ALWAYS worthy of appreciation. teehee]

I feel deep appreciation for the incredible gift of a new day!

Whenever I am going about my day, and I feel myself moving out of this flow of appreciation because I have allowed my inner peace to be disturbed, I stop.

Whatever I am doing… I stop, so I can regroup and get “back to one”; the point where the Divinity resides. My heart!

I stop and get centered.

Sometimes it takes a few seconds to regroup; other times, several hours.

Regardless of my recuperation time, I still make it a priority to get back to where I belong versus staying in a space that will only exacerbate the feeling of which I am wanting to transmute.

Global Peace Experiment

Image Source: The Peace Experiment by DJ Juan de La Luna

How is your level of Peace?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are ready for the next level in your awakening!

Become a “conduit of Peace” by joining hands with the amazing collective of people at Global Peace Operations and begin making a difference in not only your life, but in the world!

Sign up TODAY! Peace awaits you!

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