August 26, 2015

Being “Average” In A “Beautiful” World

You are out and about, pretty much minding your own business, when life places upon your path two doors. You cannot go around them; you must make a choice.

Only you can make the choice.

Only you can choose the door that best represents your current way of thinking and being in the world.

As you watch the video, ask yourself, “What door would I really choose?”

Did you walk through the beautiful door… without hesitation?

Or did you walk through the average door… feeling shame and only worthy of that door?

If you chose the average door…you’re not alone.

Every day, millions of women walk this amazing planet believing this lie; some of them even believe they are less than average. {cringe}

For too long, we have allowed society, our families, and our communities to dictate how we should look and feel about ourselves.

For too long, we have walked around not seeing how incredible we really are.

According to Dove®, women sent over 5 million tweets last year about body image and beauty, and none of them were positive.

What. the. FUCK!

Are you one of these women?

It’s time to “stop the insanity!” (Thank you, Susan Powter, for this awesome catchphrase.)

I encourage you to join Dove® and hundreds of thousands of other women who are #choosingbeautiful and saying fuck it to thinking less of themselves.

{Post published at 12:42pm during the hour of Venus. Angel Number meaning for 1242: “The angels are helping you stay strong with faith and a positive outlook. Call upon the angels for help with ideas, direction, and courage to work toward this aim. Also, call upon them for feelings of love and security.”}

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