March 12, 2013

Being The Victor in Trying Times

Is there something that you have not fully released? Something that still tugs at your heartstrings, beckoning to be healed?  Do you feel like you have lost your way, left with only a flickering light to illumine your path?

Are there things that keep showing up again, and again, and again… and again?

There may be debts piling up with no tangible relief in sight to pay them. There may be thoughts of losing a job and fear of being thrown into the lion’s den of unemployment. Perhaps, there are health issues that have become exacerbated due to the increase of stress. Let’s face it… there’s a lot happening and without the right tools, we can easily get sucked into the madness or Pit of Despair.

Stop, Right now, and take a moment to just breathe. Not to the point of hyperventilation, but deep, calming breaths.

Solutions are never found when we are being tossed about in a hurricane of our never-ending thoughts of lack. Solutions can only be found when we stop and allow ourselves to tap into the wellspring of peace that is within us.

Oftentimes, whenever our thoughts have taken off like a teenager with raging hormones, we find it difficult to discern between up and down. And we have forgotten just how incredibly powerful we are, and the countless times we have survived the storm. Maybe not in the way we had envisioned like winning a lottery jackpot, getting a book deal, or something like that.  BUT we still rose from the ashes… stronger!

Think back at a time when things were tough.

What solutions came about? What steps were shown… and followed?

The way is always made clear when we get out of the way.

One tool that a badass goddess always keeps handy is her ESS (Evolving Support System™).

It’s evolving because as we shift, so do our relationships. As we continue to remember our divinity, we will find that our circle of people ‘feels’ different.  Know that this is okay, and there’s nothing wrong with you, or anybody else.

Life is meant to evolve, and as we move forward, we will release those things (including people) that are no longer necessary for our growth… and attract experiences (and relationships) that are.

Ask for what is needed—believe that it will come—and be open to receiving.

Nothing can conquer the victorious woman. within us!

Take several mental breaks throughout the day; handle one task at a time, and keep a focused eye on the prize.  When we keep the fiery passion of our dreams ignited, only then can we see the open doors that have been waiting for us to walk through them!




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