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August 5, 2015

Bija Mantras – Healing Chakra Sounds

Are you looking to strengthen your chakras? In just a few minutes a day, chanting a simple yet immensely healing sound can do just that.

By using the power of these simple sounds, weak chakras will quickly become a thing of the past. YAY!

Use these Bijas (a simple, yet powerful one-word mantra) in sequence, or just place your focus on a specific energy center.

  • LAM (1st; root chakra; pronounced Lah-m; eliminating)
  • VAM (2nd; sacral or navel chakra; ; pronounced Vah-m; creating)
  • RAM  (3rd; solar plexus chakra ; pronounced  Rah-m; moving)
  • YAM (4th; heart chakra; pronounced Yah-m; holding)
  • HAM (5th; throat chakra; pronounced Hah-m; speaking)
  • OM (6th; third eye chakra; ; pronounced Oh-m; thinking)
  • Ah (7th; crown chakra; being [consciousness])

Happy chanting!

{Post published at 12pm Pacific during the hour of the Sun. Angel number meaning of 12: “Have faith that Spirit is speaking to you through repetitive thoughts, ideas, and insights that guide you to improve something in your life, or the life of others. Allow your positive affirmations to lead the way.”}

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