October 25, 2012

Brazilianite: Creative Power & Divine Manifestations

There is a 90s song by Snap called “The Power” where the chorus consists of a single phrase… I’ve got the power! Now, you already know you have power, the question however is to where and to whom are you giving yours?

“Energy goes where attention flows” is a saying many Law of Attraction teachers use, and there is great truth in it.

It doesn’t matter what you focus on because whatever it is will manifest into your every day experience.


Pimpin’ Gemstones™

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There was probably a time when this truth may have caused great panic, but now, you can easily Switch It with the help of our beautiful crystal allies and Switchwords.

Simply work with them to lay a little crackalackaZAM on your manifestations!

How many times have you had something show up in your life as a direct result of focusing on what someone else wanted?

How many times have you been afraid to lose something (a job, a friend, a loved one) only to watch it leave your life?

If you think you’re powerless, think again.

Reflect upon your life, and you’ll see just how powerful you are just by what manifested in your life. The difference now is you have the opportunity to consciously shift what shows up, and be the sovereign of your domain!

If you were a contestant on “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”, and you needed help… who would be your “phone a friend”?

Brazilianite would be the one to call!

It is a beautiful stone that can be used to creatively use your power, and balance your Will.

It is a fiery stone that not only amplifies the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) energies, and dissolves the veils to the spirit realm, it also aligns the Will with the desires of the Heart Chakra.

When you are tapped into your Higher Self, your manifestations will always serve a higher purpose!

Brazilianite can help temper that little temper, release petty resentment, and offer much-needed strength to stand up whenever boundaries are trampled.

It is a true ally to help you move out of Victimhood, or Martyrdom, and start being your authentic Self by helping you to use your abilities to be of greater service to others. [Source: Book of Stones]

If you’re ready to come out of the Spiritual closet, Brazilianite will have you singing Diana Ross’ I’m Coming Out in no time!

“He who controls others may be powerful, but
he who has mastered himself is mightier still”

Power Center Switchwords

DONE To build willpower
WIND To access your unforeseen power
DELIVER To empower
HORSE To gain personal power
SKY to let go of limitations
FLOW to break a habit
REMISSION to release and forget the past

You can choose to use one Switchword, or combine them and create a powerful Switchphrase! Use it whenever you want to be unlimited and powerful and move into the future with great expectations!


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