July 7, 2015

Bid It All “BYE BYE BYE”!

How many times have you bid something, or someone, BYE BYE BYE?

How many times were you overcome by troubling thoughts?

Well, you’re not alone… and you made the right choice!

You did what you needed to do for you… you cut the cords so, why do you feel like crap?


You feel like crap because you don’t want to “hurt” anyone’s feelings when you cut the cord.

You feel like crap because you care about what they will think of you and/or what lies they may spread about you.

You feel like crap because the thought of being publicly shunned via social media may leave you feeling like you should bury yourself where no one will ever find you. Like… ever!

You feel like crap because you wish you could turn back time and cancel/clear/delete your choice(s)!

Your “feel like crap” list could go on and on…

It’s only human to want to be everything to everyone; to stay connected, even when you’re unhappy.

You consciously know staying will not be the best choice, so what can you do?

You let go and jump!

You let go and take one of those “oh, shit” jumps that simultaneously leave you breathless and exhilarated!

You let go and “oh shit” yourself… into a more aligned state of being.

You let go and jump into a state of trust and incredible power! YAY!

And where will you land?

Exactly where you want, and may not want, to be!

[NOTE TO SELF: Remorse can be just as cancerous… as staying! Let go!]

It takes big dangling man parts to willingly take scissors to your life, so congratulate yourself. You totally deserve it!

It is my intention that you come to peace with your release, so you can experience greater ease and grace, and put that badass bounce back in your step! 😉

Gemmy SOS

A bauble that will help you let go is Rutilated Quartz.

And as you continue to let go of people, places, and situations that no longer serve you, play this video. It’ll turn any necessary cord cutting into a BADASS hasta-la-vista party!

[Post published at 3:37pm Pacific during the hour of Mars. Angel number meaning for 337: “The ascended masters congratulate you on the path you’ve chosen. Please keep in close contact with them; asking them for guidance and help. “]
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