November 11, 2015

Calling in Blessings from The Green Man

Green is an exquisite color. Not only because it is the color of money.

I love it because it is one of the primary colors of nature.

Green means abundance (in all its wonderful and amazing forms).

It evokes a feeling of “nurturance” within the soul.

Whenever I see it, I instantly feel peaceful, safe… and at home.

That is really the gift of this beautiful planet… abundant blessings. So, if you would like to increase blessings in your life, call on the Greenman.

[The following invocation is from Silver Ravenwolf’s Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation. I have not included the entire ritual. I suggest you purchase her book to get the whole scoop.]

Facing North, state:
“I call to the Greenman who resides in the North
I am the daughter of Earth who summons you forth
From caves and deep forests from fields and their flowers
Bring abundance and joy in this sacred hour.”

Facing East, state:
“Greenman with great knowledge who sits in the East
Please hear my wishes and bless my pleas
Bring abundance and joy on eastern breeze
From over the land and across the seas.”

Facing South, state:
“Greenman with the fire from out of the South
Remove from my life negativity and doubt
Instill in this circle courage and growth
Bring blessings and joy; abundance of both”

Facing West, state:
“Greenman who governs the love and the rain
Come from the West and push away pain
With was movement I make and breath that I take
Bring blessings, abundance and gain”

May your eyes be focused on prosperity
May your mouth utter blessings upon this household
So mote it be.

Now, place your hand over the image below:

© Brian Froud
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Now state:

I saw you in the forest
Your eyes so deep and green
I saw you in the fields, dancing there unseen.
I heard your breath of life
as you tickled leaf and blade.
I wondered at your rippled skin
of amber, gold, and jade.
I banish smog and poisons
as I bring you in my life.
I release all pain and suffering.
I refuse to live in strife.
Your gifts of joy and bounty
are welcomed in this place.
Pray bring blessings to each season
and touch this sacred space.

Now repeat “blessings, abundance, and gain” nine times (being softly and increasing in volume all while focusing on positive energy).

Next, clap your hands three times, and state:

It is done. So mote it be!
From this day forward
I enjoy blessings, gain, and harmony.

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