[HOW-TO] Be More Compassionate

This is a story about autism… on Broadway!

I follow a page that recently shared a post about a mother who brought her beautiful Prince to one of your shows.. and the near mutiny that followed when he was deemed unworthy of being in the presence of the other patrons.  The author’s words moved me beyond measure, and while reading his post, I became overcome with emotion.

I felt anger; I felt sadness; and in the end, I felt pure, unadulterated love.

As you read the following, I invite you to step into the shoes of the mother and child… from their vantage point, how would you feel? (more…)

Childhood Obesity and Autism… Oh, MY!

Barring any glandular problems, solving this major “issue”, whose stats have tripled in the last 30 years, isn’t as challenging as most people think.

Back in my day, watching television was a treat. Chores had to be done, and I had to entertain myself outside before I was even permitted to plop my hindparts on the sofa and veg out on whatever was happening on the boob tube. I was also only permitted an hour or two, if that.

But times have changed…


Label Me Not!

Labels, labels, labels!

As a species, we label everything. We label people, things, and experiences. Maybe (or maybe not) that’s just how life is in a world of polarities. But, labeling people can often cause pain, frustration, anger, and even, resentment.


“Let’s Give ‘Em Something…” to JOKE about!

Yes, the title of this post was inspired by a snazzy Bonnie Raitt tune, but this post isn’t about her. Nope!  It’s about Hollywood’s latest film… that thinks it’s OKAY to joke about Autism!!

Take a gander at this clip from 21 Jump Street… 21st Century silver screen version, and you’ll see what I mean. (more…)

When Life Shows Up As Autism

When Life Shows Up As Autism

Most of us on this path, the path of Autism, are quite familiar with the poem having to do with Holland.  Many of us may not have planned to give birth to Autism, but for reasons we may never fully know, Autism had plans for us.

As parents to these children, are we to look at ourselves as being uber special in some way? Are we truly the Chosen Ones? Are we the only ones who were somehow more prepared than others to handle a life that would be altered in unimaginable ways? (more…)

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