Childhood Obesity and Autism… Oh, MY!

Barring any glandular problems, solving this major “issue”, whose stats have tripled in the last 30 years, isn’t as challenging as most people think.

Back in my day, watching television was a treat. Chores had to be done, and I had to entertain myself outside before I was even permitted to plop my hindparts on the sofa and veg out on whatever was happening on the boob tube. I was also only permitted an hour or two, if that.

But times have changed…


Label Me Not!

Labels, labels, labels!

As a species, we label everything. We label people, things, and experiences. Maybe (or maybe not) that’s just how life is in a world of polarities. But, labeling people can often cause pain, frustration, anger, and even, resentment.


Looking For Acceptance In All The Wrong Places

It appears that I may have stumbled on a theme for this month which I find quite fitting. And I can’t think of a better theme to choose for the first month of any year than acceptance.

Accepting oneself and accepting others.

When Doug Flutie went on Oprah and spoke of his son’s autism, folks just scratched their heads because, at that time, autism wasn’t a household name. (more…)

The Long Journey to Autism Acceptance

It has been over a year since I began this blog, and the journey has been one of great learning for me.

Like most parents raising a child or children on the spectrum, I found myself going through various stages. I felt myself going through motions that seemed so foreign to me because I didn’t want anyone to look at me and think, “Oh my! There goes ANOTHER mom not doing EVERYTHING to rid her life of autism!”. (more…)

Time to Change How You Think About Autism.

With so many people and organizations trying to rid the world of autism, those of us who are do not think along these lines feel a sense of urgency for the greater need to raise positive awareness.

While others are seeking for acceptance in how they were born, others simply want to ensure that autism is no longer part of their lives.

To eradicate something that defines, in many ways, who a person is and how they interact with the world is what some scientists, researchers, and parents are attempting to do at an alarming rate. (more…)

American “Autism”: The Friendly Skies?

Traveling can be challenging.

Enter your neighborhood airport, and you’ll be faced with long security lines, crowded concourses, uncomfortable waiting areas, and once you’ve dealt with that, there’s still the hustle and bustle of trying to get in your seat without being ran over by other passengers seeking to do the same.

Now, if you’re a person with autism, the challenge is dealing with this seemingly chaotic situation without having a meltdown. (more…)

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