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Whispers from The Void

Whispers from The Void

I am always fascinated whenever I am doing some mundane task, and a whisper beckons my thoughts to pay attention to it.


“Paint It Black”

“Paint It Black”

The moon has begun its waning phase, and I find myself smiling.  The days are finally getting shorter for time has fallen back (in most of the U.S.), and I am overjoyed.

My favorite time is upon us.


“I AM Winter!

That is how I respond whenever a character in GOT says, “Winter is coming!”


I have come to accept the reasons why my fondness for darkness is what it is.

And why I am “attracted” to certain energies that the small-minded fear.

I was born on a Monday (day of the Moon) during the First Quarter Moon, the halfway point between the New and Full Moon phases, in the wee hours of a January morning.

Darkness was all around me during my birth.

When the Sun is out, I am restless and agitated, and I cannot wait for it to move away and usher in my beloved night sky.

Daytime = craycray

Nighttime = calm

Please keep that in mind should we ever meet.

Moving on.

Whenever an energy continues to press itself upon my thoughts, it is a sign that I am being called to it.

For what purpose? I am sure it will be revealed in due time.

The latest energy that has been swirling about for the last 30 days is Astharoth.

That beautiful ancient God of the Underworld, Love, Lust, War, and Wisdom.


In my last post, the same energy by a different name showed herself.

Sooooo… it is time to see what this energy wants.

Tasa Alora Foren Astharoth

With her sigil in hand, I will chant her enn, and find out.

Ode to Darkness

an excerpt of a poem by Savannah and Beyond

I love you
I admire you
and every night
I look forward
to you.
To your comfort
to your love
and to your
of bringing me
a mind at ease
feelings at rest
and the way
you heal
my aching heart.

My thoughts exactly.

I. AM. Winter!

I will see you on the Other Side, folks.



Is YouTube possessed?

Is YouTube possessed?

Hear me out.

Moments ago, I was searching a particular topic.  From said search results, I clicked on a video.


Navigating The Void

Navigating The Void

It is interesting to see how deeply into The Void I have traveled since 2005 when I purchased my first altar supplies.


Haunting Rhythms Part 2

YouTube has become my favorite place to find amazing composers of my favorite genre.

The following video is beyond deelish.

The rhythms take you on a journey into the darkest recesses of your Soul and brings you towards the Space that is yours for the taking!

I dare you to claim it!


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