[Sunday Soul Food] The Lamp of Life

Feeling dim in a world of darkness?

Just for today… let these words from Amy Lowell soothe your soul and uplift your Spirit. It is my intention that, through these words,  you see yourself as the magnificent being that you are. (more…)

And the Universe said

On June 25, I received a wonderful email from one of my favorite people, Maureen Moss. Within it, were the following words. It is my wish that you find peace with this sharing.


Today is ___…

What we think about life is how we experience it!

We mumble unpleasantries when we have to get up and go to work, yet we forget to give thanks for having a job when so many do not.

We become disgruntled when we have to pay our bills, yet we forget to give thanks for all the comfort we gained as a result of the services we received. (more…)

Starseed, Phone Home!

Starseed, Phone Home!

As a species, we oftentimes struggle with the notion that we are “of the stars”. Yet, here we are spinning around at an insane speed… among the stars. (more…)

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