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A Prayer for The Ages

I play this beezie on repeat. (Yeah… I typed it!)   Its melody is hauntingly beautiful, and I get lost in its magic.  So lost… that I find myself (unconsciously) swaying to its beat. I Am Spirit — moving in Divine timing; feeling what seeks physical expression.


All Is Well

Close your eyes. Focus on your heart.. now feel the Presence of God.


A Prayer of Miracles

With eyes closed, and your heart open… do not attempt to understand the words. Simply feel them.


Use Me

It is my deepest intention that the following powerful and transformative prayers impresses upon you the desire to be an authentic expression of Divine Consciousness… every day!


What Sort of Fire Are You Starting?

© January 24, 2015 Author: Kat Dawes,

Sometimes… it is not safe to play with matches. When your vibration is one of fear, doubt or lack then that is a Universal red flag to lift and shift your thinking – before you meet your match.


Becoming Yourself

Our true solutions, like so many of our problems, lie within. In this article a leading British therapist discusses the value of allowing ourself to be ourself.

Sooner or later, we have to face the fact that we were born into a world that is, in many ways, imperfect and unjust. (more…)

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