Choosing Your Reflection

Choosing Your Reflection

I seem to write a lot about mirrors… those experiences (people, places, situations) that present themselves as a direct result of the frequency we, ourselves, emit into the world.


Embodying The Dark Goddess

Embodying The Dark Goddess

You called to me some five years ago, and I rejected your call.

You called again earlier this month… and I, once again, set you aside.


[How-to] Know You Are God

Does that statement make you cringe, or does it light you up?

For many, it will come off as sacrilegious; blasphemous.

For others, it will be truthful.

This post is for the latter.

Depending on where you are in your life, you could have years of programming of God being outside of yourself. That the only way to know God is through the church or through some person “of the cloth”.

It is time you ditched this faulty programming!


A few years ago, during a session with another wonderful Energy Worker, I was told the following.

I am the Truth.
I am the Light.
I am the Way to know God.

I knew these words were from the Bible.

And at the time, I did not resonate with them.

Who was I to compare myself to Yeshua?

What right did I have to step into those shoes and dare to shine my light?

Since that session, I have grappled with this Truth; turning my back on it and the responsibilities that come with it.

Although, I have allowed many things to come forward for healing and release, I nonetheless still found myself harboring feelings of unworthiness.

That is… until I sat with my life and saw where the lower programming had been doing its damnedest to take over.

Programming I never consciously agreed to assimilating, yet was doing so nonetheless.

I found myself moving from one ideology after another. Never sticking to anything.

Was I spiritually lost or simply doubtful in my own power; my own abilities?

The Matrix… you cheeky bitch!

I’m not dedicated to anything.  I go through periods where I think maybe it’s all nonsense; maybe it’s “The Matrix”… I’m open to various ideas.

Ronald D. Moore

Is The Matrix nonsense?

I have come to realize that it has purpose and that purpose is to awaken us to the truth.


Opening our minds.

Taking responsibility for our lives.

With minds open, we can no longer blame others for how our lives are.

We can no longer point that single finger at others… while ignoring the three pointing back at us.

Once awakened… we can no longer go back to sleep.

The red pill…

Knowing we are all God requires courage.

Living in this truth on a daily basis requires great strength.

I am the Truth.
I am the Light.
I am the Way to know God.


The more I look at my life, the more detached from it I become.

Not detached in the sense that I do not care about life.

Detached in the way that a Buddhist goes through life…

Here, yet not here.

More observant.

If that makes any sense.


Lately, my Body Deva has required more sleep. It is as if I am always sleepy.

However, this does not alarm me.

I know what is happening is my body is resetting itself; exfoliating programming not of Divine Mind.




The Matrix itself is not some external evil, but rather an outcome of our own error; our karmic payoff of past actions. Not merely illusion, it is an allusion to a founding myth of culture.

Gregory Benford

I now find myself less desirous to be “plugged” in to the “outside” world.

I feel like I am in that moment… just before birth.

That moment… just before the dam (of limitation) breaks and finally allows the water to flow and be in its natural state; its natural rhythm.

I am the Truth.
I am the Light.
I am the Way to know God.

Pimpin’ Gemstones™

Working with any of these gemstones will deepen your knowing that you are God!

  • Amethyst – Divine connection
  • Astrophylite – link with one’s Divine blueprint
  • Sauralite Azeztulite – realization of Divine purpose
  • Beryllonite – Divine purpose
  • Cacoxenite – alignment with the divine plan
  • Stellar Beam Calcite – Divine will
  • Clinochlore – Divine blueprint of well-being
  • Crocoite – communion with the Divine
  • Cryolite – Divine purpose, Lightbody awakening
  • Dumortierite – Divine inspiration
  • Imperial Gold Quartz – co-creation with the Divine
  • Morganite – Divine love and compassion
  • Rose Quartz – uniting with the Divine
  • Rosophia – co-creating with the Divine
You Actually Don’t “Need” Money

You Actually Don’t “Need” Money

Okay… hear me out because I can see your mind spinning out of control!  Just for a moment I want you to step out of a place of ego and allow what I am saying to sink in.


The Eyes of March

March is a good time to reflect upon all that has passed during January and February… and make any necessary adjustments!


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