Label Me Not!

Labels, labels, labels!

As a species, we label everything. We label people, things, and experiences. Maybe (or maybe not) that’s just how life is in a world of polarities. But, labeling people can often cause pain, frustration, anger, and even, resentment.


If Not Now… When?

I have cried enough tears to fill an ocean, sending myself into the deepest abyss, pondering…

Will he be okay when I’m gone?

I’ve spent so much time worrying and stressing about what will happen to him tomorrow that, at times, I have allowed precious moments of my today slip carelessly slip through my hands.

Germany has its Autobahn… the road I travel has a beautiful yet mysterious companion that is Autism.

My journey has been one of great fascination… and frustration. There have been many twists, turns, bumps, and detours along the way. One moment, I am cruising along at a comfortable speed, letting the wind caress my face, and in a flash, I encounter a pot hole that rattles me to the core. (more…)

When the Shift Hits, Be the Fan!

When the Shift Hits, Be the Fan!

Change is inevitable. Every day, we change our minds; change lanes, and hopefully, our underwear too! But what matters most is how present and ready we are when these changes come about. Do we use these reminders as a means to appreciate where we are, or are we too caught up with no thoughts toward our actions?


Autism: Change of Plans? Yes. End of the World? No!

I wasn’t a subscriber to this fellow blogger‘s site when the following comment was made by (38) Joan:

I prayed before I ever had kids that god would give me children that have no mental or social problems. I believe that god ruined him. What if the best my child can do is work as a greeter at Wal-mart, how does one accept your child is doomed, ruined, a waste of human life? I just am begging someone to help me understand this.

My initial feelings were those of pity for the child, not the mother.  However, as the words sank in, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her too. (more…)

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