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Hold The Sympathy… Pass The Empathy!

I used to be sympathetic… because I did not want to connect with how someone else was feeling.

I used to also be extremely apathetic… because I did not understand why people were always coming to me with their “stuff” nor did I care to connect with them in that way.


[Cosmic Chuckle™] “How to Be Ultra Spiritual”

I am always amazed by the total awesomeness I discover on Youtube. Seriously! My  “recommendations” are always amazing and so on point with where I am in that moment. Today’s finding is no exception!

I give you JP Sears! He’s my kinda people! 🙂

Here’s what he had to say about this video. (more…)

[CINEMOTIVATION™] When Peace Is The Missing Piece!

Peace seems to be the one thing that many of us struggle to encompass in our daily lives. Looking around, it’s easy to see the evidence of this playing out all over the world.

What if you could be at peace… in only 68 seconds?  Would you be open to it, or is your inner peace not worth the time? (more…)

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