January 7, 2017

Choosing Your Reflection

I seem to write a lot about mirrors… those experiences (people, places, situations) that present themselves as a direct result of the frequency we, ourselves, emit into the world.

Sometimes, our reflection can appear warped, cracked, dirty.

Other times, we see ourselves clearly.

Is it that these not-so-clear reflections are showing where we are separating ourselves from everything and everyone?

Is our reflection only clear when we see ourselves in all life?


A word that flies around like feces into a fan in the woo-woo community, yet, one that we should mind more often than not.

I spent most of 2016 paying close attention to my reflection. Now, I’m not saying that everything that showed up did so by way of Cosmic Deliciousness. Some of my experiences made me feel less loving towards myself… and the world.

I separated myself.

I stayed inside and rarely left home.

I felt unsafe.

And fat.

Between June 23 to November 17, I managed to gain 25 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly. Pounds. Not ounces.

And an experience in early June rattled my cage, and I found myself eating foods that had zero value and served no higher purpose.

I consumed between 50-55 PINTS of Häagen-Dazs®, over 25 pounds of Albanese Confectionery’s 12-flavor Gummi Bears, numerous bags of chips, chocolate, cookies. You name it… I probably ate it.

Life reflected itself to me… and I defaulted.

Exes crept in.

A sibling who barely acknowledged my existence tried to creep back in.

Some of the work I do (not through this site) was increasingly becoming more unfulfilling.

Reflection after reflection after reflection.

I’m not beating myself over what was… it is done.

Since November 17, I’ve lost 15 of those 25 pounds. Onward and upward.

2016 is no more. Ciao, baby!

New year… new reflections.

“Hi. I’m Adonya, and I’m an Emotional Eater.”

It is only since November that I have admitted this to myself. For years, I denied it. I was ashamed. I often blamed dissatisfying relationships (i.e. other people) for why I gained weight. Not anymore.

Nowadays, I pay close attention to my thoughts and how I’m feeling. The second I notice my thoughts are on food, I immediately bring my attention to my body where the truth is revealed.

As an Empath, emotionally eating seems to go with the territory. However, it’s no excuse.

In this life, I’ve only been given this one physical body… so, if I don’t want to be an out-of-shape, disease riddled senior citizen, I need to love and care for it.

So, I choose reflections that offer me more opportunities to love and honor myself.

I wonder what’ll show up next?


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