January 23, 2014

Chrysanthemum Stone: Increase Synchronicity & Luck

Old blue eyes once crooned, “Luck, be a lady tonight!”, and while that lil diddy plays in your mind, allow your dreams to come forward, and consider just how “lucky” you are in this moment.

Some say that folks are born lucky, while others argue that you have to make your own luck.

Whatever your stance… luck is a frequency that everyone can tap in to. One way to do tap in, and stay tuned in, is by employing the assistance of Chrysanthemum Stone, a gemmylicious bauble that just oozes good vibrations, or “come hither” googly eyes, and enhances your ability to in-joy more synchronistic, and “lucky”, happenings!

Pimpin’ Gemstones™

Chrysanthemum Stone encourages the flowering of spiritual growth; supporting change, which occurs in a harmonious way. [Source]

These auspicious stones offer even more. They are magnets for positive synchronicities — the sorts of things some people call “luck”. When we embark on the rad of our soul’s longing, the very act of turning in that direction can give the Universe the cue it needs to help us. Chrysanthemum Stone, like other talismans of good fortune, seems to draw such welcome turns of fate.

“I give myself freely to the inner call of my soul and will
follow it to the full fruition of its purpose.”

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Chrysanthemum Stone is the perfect stone to use on the day of the week that is said to be ruled by beautiful Jupiter (my fave).

To REALLY tap into Jupiter’s yummyliciousness, add some, or all, of the following “tricks”…

Planetary Invocation [Source]

I invoke the beneficent power of Jupiter. I call forth your optimism and enthusiasm into my life. Help me to channel broad and abundant divine visions into the reality of my life. Bring to me good fortune so that I may attract and share more fully with others.

Planetary Hours for Jupiter

Click here to find Jupiter’s beneficence in your timezone.

These hours are all about “success in just about any activity you can imagine and is for anything important. It’s only downside would be where there’s a tendency to over-indulge in any way.” A good time to recite the invocation!]

Color Therapy
Orange (“… is one of the most powerful and quickly acting colors, which can bring joy, fun, happiness, expansion and more luck to a person!” Yeah, baby!)


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