January 5, 2016

Creating Meaningful Habits

There are so many things I have done on automatic that when I stopped to observe my life, I was flabbergasted at how routine my life had become.

Routines? Ick!

I know I am not like most people.

I have moved so many times in my life that most of the people in my life have created an address book just for me.

I am extremely introverted, yet the world seems me as wicked outgoing!  Go figure!

I am also nomadic and wild!  (#grateful)

Being tethered to anything makes me antsy because this leash constricts the ways I creatively express myself.  Just ask the exes in my life… or not! (I am good either way.)  😀

However, through all my wildness, I had managed to disconnect from life.


I had stopped noticing (paying attention) to what mattered. I was also social media’ing more — which only exacerbated the disconnect.

I then noticed how I was “there but not there” whenever I was getting dressed, brushing my teeth, using the potty, preparing a meal (eating said meal), drinking coffee (tea, water), watching Netflix… the list goes on.

Basically, I was emotionally absent  and running on auto pilot most of the time.

Well, to quote the incomparable Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer… enough is enough!

Late last Autumn, I made the conscious choice to (consciously) disconnect from [most of] the energy suckers in my life.

I moved away from most of those things that made my life routine and/or normal.

I reduced my client base (for the admin work I have been doing for YEARS).

I began moving to the natural rhythm of my life by waking up when my body was ready; not by the dictation of an alarm.

I started doing more things that made me feel good and began paying attention to those things that shifted my energy from this “good feeling” space.

OMG… I totally sounded like Esther Hicks channeling Abraham just now. {giggling}

By releasing those anchors, and increasing my level of awareness, my appreciation of my life increased.

My life became meaningful because I was focusing on…

the rhythm of my breath
the exquisite sound of my heart
the flow of energy around me
the silence between it all
the music within all creation

My life became fluid.

It has been almost two months since I shifted into this new way of being (for me), and what is glaringly obvious is I “must” disconnect from the last of my energy suckers.

It simply is not a match for my life vision.

Moving on… and letting go.

What meaningful habit will you create for yourself?

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