June 29, 2017

De-cluttering, Re-arranging, and Starting Over

A little over 4 months, I took a much-needed respite from everything. I needed to take a hard look on what I had been attached to in my life, and why.

As I looked around my humble abode, all I saw were things; things that I needed to move in order to dust around them; things I was not really using; and things that needed to be packed up during my next move. Whenever that would be.

So, I did what some woo-woo folks would consider to be the unthinkable. I tossed it all in the garbage. Nearly $6,500 of things to which I had been clinging; things to which I had given power.

Round 1.

Every crystal. GONE! Not quite, for I still held on to my precious Moldavites; valued at over $1,000.

Every tarot and oracle deck. And I had A LOT of them.

Every pyramid.

Every statuette.

My 16″ Third Eye crystal bowl.

A buttload of incense.

Two of my three Himalayan salt lamps. One of them weighs nearly 60 pounds, so she was allowed to stay. OB-VEE {giggling} it is now more of a decorative piece than a functional one because it is never turned on.

Round 2.

I tossed my entire collection of herbs that I was using for magickal purposes. And that collection had grown exponentially over the past 2 years.

My very large candle collection.

Every glass-encased candle.
Every chime candle.
Every pillar… everything.

My very large oil collection that I had been using for various magickal purposes.

Every book on casting, crystals, conjure, and the like.

Every piece of jewelry. 98% of it were crystal-inspired pieces, so zip! In the trash they went.

I deleted my primary Twitter account. Hasta la vista, 36k followers.

I deleted my hosting account, which got rid of every website I had created over the past 9 years. Including this one.

I tossed it all out.

I then checked out and lost myself in YouTube junk. Anything that made me laugh and not think was on the Watchlist

This cleansing went on for 2 months.

Round 3.

I tossed the Moldavites.

There was no long goodbye. No eulogy. No burial service.

I simply dumped them in my trash bin, and it was done.

Round 4.

I sold my (2) Roku 3 players; my 42″ LG TV (the picture on that thing was da bomb!); my son’s Samsung Galaxy Tab3 (because he hadn’t touched it in over 2 years); and the really nice TV stand. I sold it all for $290; a pittance of a price because that stuff was in excellent condition. (I had considered cutting the cords, smashing the screens,  and chucking them then, well, reconsidered.)

I deleted my YouTube channel. See ya when I see ya, 4.7k subs and 1.3M views.

I removed two heavy psychic cords. One was a family member; the other was someone who got ballsy and threw some of her crap my way (again)… and well, I was no longer having it.

2017 has definitely proven itself to be a good year after all.

Good riddance.

Now what?

It is all gone, and I have never felt freer in my life.

There ain’t much left in my life by way of things, or people, and I am thankful.

I have what I need.

And I now read a book a day.

Back to the basics seems to be working out pretty well for me.


You may be wondering why my website magically reappeared after being gone for a few months.

The thing about starting over is you get to be in control of what, and who, accompanies you on your journey.

With no files other than this site, I am no longer bogged down with the responsibility of keeping a bunch of stuff secure and updated. I now only have one site to manage, thereby, lessening the hangups I was experiencing about site traffic and what-not. Concerns over traffic is one of the reasons I began my purge.

I also brought this site back to life because I really do enjoy writing. In many ways, it is cathartic, and the primary means in which I express myself.  Also because cussin’ folks out never got me anywhere. 😉

And no.  I will not be deleting any of my blogs because they are an essential part of my journey.

So, there you have it.

I threw out a bunch of shit; I deleted a bunch a shit; and have started over.

Bada-bing-bada-boom. End of story!

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