November 23, 2015

Dealing with Overwhelm

Just look around you… there are so many events taking place all over the world right now that can very easily keep you from being centered and grounded in your true knowingness.

So, whenever you notice (and this is a conscious action that has no end date) that you are outta whack, I encourage you to say the following affirmation “at least 9 times” and/or as needed.

I am a Goddess (or God) of Peace
on a throne of tranquility


This is not blasphemy. You are simply stating the truth of your being, which is God in physical form. We are ALL aspects of the Creator, and to deny this truth is to deny God.

You may continue to raise your vibration by saying this affirmation. It, too, will assist you whenever you are feeling down, or just want to boost your energy.

I am a reflection of the Goddess
An aspect of the Divine
I am She and She is me
And together we are One


May you be blessed this day… and always.

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