December 9, 2008

December is what?

Okay.  I’ll admit this post has absolutely nothing to do with autism.
It’s just something I wanted to share with you.

The creator of this celebration is Carleen Brice, author of Orange Mint and Honey, and she is beyond brilliant.

The premise is to introduce people of lighter color to authors of, well, darker color.

We’ve all heard of Alice Walker, renowned author and poet probably best known to most by her book-turned-to-movie The Color Purple.

We’ve all heard of Terry McMillan, critically-acclaimed author probably best known for her books-turned-to movies Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

We’ve all heard of Toni Morrison, recipient of numerous awards, notably the Nobel Prize for Literature (1993) and the Pulizter Prize (1986 for Beloved which became a movie starring Oprah Winfrey & Danny Glover).

The question that needs to be pondered is have you read anything that was written by one of the many and talented up & coming black authors?

Y’know?  We lesser knowns?

Now, don’t get your panties and boxers are all in a bunch about this post or Carleen’s blog.  {wink}

Allow Carleen to explain the premise behind her blog in her own words.

White Readers Meet Black Authors

Your official invitation into the African American section of the bookstore!  A sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted plea for EVERYBODY to give a black writer a try.


Notice she said EVERYBODY! {smile}

I thought the video was an absolute scream!  The script was hilarious as was the “acting”.  The video is not meant to offend or belittle anyone in any way.

It is merely an attempt to introduce everybody to something new and… “Black”.

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