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October 28, 2008

Denis Leary Apologizes?

I know I didn’t read that right.  I can’t believe the pressure actually got to thick-skinned Denis.  I can’t believe it.

About an hour ago, Boston Herald reported,

Comedian Denis Leary, best known for pushing the envelope of convention, apologized yesterday “to all parents of children with autism” after the mother of a stricken Saugus 6-year-old dared him to spend just one hour of challenging daily life with her son.

“I have nothing but admiration and sympathy for the people I know who are raising children with autism. In fact, they were the inspiration for the chapter I wrote about the subject,” the Worcester native and author of the provocative forthcoming book “Why We Suck” said in a statement to the Herald.

I don’t know what to say.  I’m actually at a loss for words.

Hold up!  Hold up!

His book’s coming out on the 18th (21 days from now)!  What better way to get us to buy his book than to publicly apologize for insulting our children.  Good try, Denis, but we ain’t stupid!

And to the first two commenters of the BH article, dumb and dumber?  You two really need to kicked around a few times!

I wonder if this sassy Saugus mama, Jessica George, would like to take them on?  Somehow I’m thinkin’ she’d win that one… blindfolded, her hands tied behind her back, with a grizzly holding her down!

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