Remember that post where I mentioned I had tossed ALL of my crystals? Y’know the one where I canned over 6 G’s of all things metaphysical?  Yeah, that happened.


WTF was I thinkin’?!?  Seriously!  I forgot what amazing tools these deelish gifts from Mother Earth were.  So much so that I have now found myself re-upping my supply.  And man do I ever need some gemmy support.

You may be asking why.

Although, my recent move has been amazing, I am still left with dealing with the energy of the vampire with whom I once shared space.  I still live in the same town as this person, and their energy is beyond shitty.

Since this person is merely another version of me, which pisses me TF off, what is a Queen to do?


This exquisite black beauty was exactly what I needed… again.

removes negative cords and energies attachments within the auric field. [source]

She arrived in the mail today, and I practically snatched the package from my postman’s hands.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  😀

After ripping the package open, I held her in my left (receiving) hand and allowed the energy to wash over me.  Within SECONDS, I immediately felt cords dissolving.  (I know. This is some woo-woo shit.  Just go with it.)  What the hell have I been allowing myself to absorb? Some bullshit, that’s what!

We never really know how we are being affected by others until we remove ourselves from the same environment.  This is obviously what I needed to do.


Because Aegirine is such an incredible protector, it will also assist me with not absorbing all the bullshit that emits from my cellphone, wifi equipment, and computers in my home.

Right now, I feel a slight tightness around my anahata, and no, I ain’t havin’ heart issues.  I have this feeling because I am sitting in front of my computer that is feeding off my WIFI wirelessly.  When she is wired, the energy is significantly less intense.

C’est la vie.

Back to Aegirine.

I am not the only one in love with this badass gem.  The Sage Goddess said, “Aegirine is my stone right now. I’m serious. I had my piece wire-wrapped and I haven’t taken it off.”  Girl, I know exactly how you feel.

My pendant and I are about to become inseparable ’cause like you, I ain’t taking it off.

Moving Forward.

I will continue to Palo Santo the hell out of home to rid it of the energy attached to some furniture pieces I got from the EV.

One piece is here in my office, and the energy comin’ off that thing is no bueno!  Wood just absorbs EVERY damn thing! Ugh!

Think I will make some Florida Water and scrub it down.


Gonna do that now.

Your Choice.

If you are feeling bogged down by other people’s shit, grab some Aegirine STAT!

May you “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” and choose to be the embodiment of your TRUE essence now!