August 26, 2011

Walking The Path of The Dream Weaver

Everything is changing, and it is doing so at a rate that can make even the day-to-day tasks seem daunting.

Everywhere we look, we see more unrest and unhappiness stirring about us.

One thing we know with certainty is that we cannot change the entire world.  We do, however, have great power within ourselves to change what we experience within our own lives… our world.

Every day, opportunities to move forward present themselves, and they do so to help us in being the conscious Weavers of our own dreams and making them priorities.

When we choose to tend to our dreams, we create space for lots of deelish synchronicities to come alive in our awareness.

And when we make the choice to live with eyes wide open, we also reap the added bennies of healing any “issues” around deservedness; beliefs and patterns we may have picked up from our parents, teachers, friends, co-workers, and even strangers.

When we are willing to heal, we become more consciously aware of how we are affecting our environment. And since we are creating all the time, most of that time is managed unconsciously and with very little awareness.

The tools available to us today were not widely available 20 some years ago.

Energy Workers, Shamans, Intuitives, and Yogis were not hanging out at the local bookstore. And finding like-minded folks was liken to successfully finding a really, really, really small pinhead in a haystack.  Nowadays, we can be found en masse all around the world because psychic, spiritual, and holistic fairs are now a weekly or daily occurrence.

What we are witnessing is an accelerated awakening of people seeking more authenticity in their lives and walking that path.

We are awakening to the Truth of our being and normalizing what was once deemed “unconventional”.

Consciously being the weaver of our dreams is not difficult. We simply need to choose to move toward them every day.

Conscious ways to being the Weaver of your dreams are:

  1. Slow down and get clear. Ask, “What do I really want?” “Is my “Honey Do” list filled with items that stress me out, or is it a list of dreams I’ll get to “some day”?” Start focusing on what is important today.
  2. Reduce the noise. Turn off the news for one week, and notice how you feel. We absorb so much in what we read and see, and unless the news story is happy, we will more than likely find ourselves depleted of vital energy that could be used elsewhere.
  3. Become aware of negative thoughts and self-talk. Since everything is energy, every thought and word can create. When our thoughts and words are positive, we create more positive experiences in our lives.
  4. Try something new. Yoga, belly dancing, or pole dancing. Time to bust out that shell and release the phenomenal Goddess caged inside! Expanding our comfort zone by doing something new is a wonderful esteem and confidence booster!!!
  5. Meditate. This is truly one of the simplest and fastest ways to relax the body, mind, and spirit. And we don’t have to invest years in “learning” how to do it.  Just set aside 5 minutes every day and get quiet. The benefits of increased relaxation, balance, and reduced stress makes it time well spent.

Choosing better for ourselves means we are no longer willing to ignore the world within us.

When we choose to Walk the path of the Dream Weaver, we are choosing to create and experience our world as one that is harmonious, peaceful, and at-one-ment with all life!

Your Crystal BFF

Astrophyllite is said to infuse you with light; help you to love yourself; and illuminate those things within you to which you must act.

Work with it to stay on track, aligned with your life purpose and living at your fullest potential.

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