January 19, 2017

Easily Heal Past Experiences

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The following words by Orna Ben-Shoshan, beautifully express the importance of letting go and healing what no longer serves us.

When we let go, we activate the lessons and allow experiences that serves us at a higher level to come forward.

May you easily release and receive through the healing power of the Name of the ONE.


Who doesn’t suffer from guilt feelings?

You may agree with me when I say how guilt and pangs of conscience play a large part of what drives our lives every day.

Many of us are eager to go back and click “delete” on certain things we did, words we said, inappropriate behaviors, extreme reactions, times when we hurt others, either intentionally or unintentionally.

A brief encounter with someone who were hurt by us, or a short reminiscence of a “failure” or misfire from our past is enough to inspire a wave of unpleasant feelings, self-blame, self-hatred, or torment.

Every mistake we made in the past, any harm we caused, and any regret we feel are forming a black spot in our soul. Sometimes this stain covers all of our being — blocking out the light from shining onto our lives, inhibiting our of spiritual or physical development and creates blockages — solid barriers.

We all experience this because we are human, and we make mistakes. In fact — in most cases — we do our best, and to the best of our understanding regarding the circumstances we encounter.

But what to do with bitter sediments?

There is a miraculous ‘medicine cabinet’ that contains a treasure of sedatives, remedies, and life-changing powerful purifiers, and within them, contain the powerful 72 Names of God.

Softly focus on the following letter combinations… (read from right to left)

So, what can these letter combinations amend within you if you were to inscribe them within your body and soul over the course of several days?

Yohd.Yohd.Lahmed (י.י.ל) – To release the past.  Gives the courage to release anxiety and pain originating from past trauma, regrets, pain over loss, and dependence on anguish.

י.י.ל encourages re-organization of thoughts; creating order out of chaos:, and communication with spirits. It inspires bright hopes and faith in miracles, and helps you progress toward a better future.

Mem.Vav.Mem (מ.ו.ם) – Purification and spiritual cleansing.  Correction of past mistakes and learning the lessons gained; clearing negative energies and spiritual impurities from the environment; cultivating the qualities of honesty and mutual support; preventing cynicism and anguish; heartache and sorrow from offspring.

מ.ו.ם gives the power to erase the faults of the past and take everything easier in order to cleanse the present.

Vahv.Heh.Vahv (ו.ה.ו) – Repairing the past.  Encourages repair of acts of the past and return to control. If the negative effects of the past are controlling your life at present, this name allows you to go back in time and make an amendment where the problem started, thereby, changing what happened.

ו.ה.ו brings remorse; accepting the truth that the problems we experience in life, especially the repetitive ones, are the result of past actions. This name helps you reshape the present and create a future full of joy and fulfillment. It protects against confusion, disorientation, investigations, disruptions and instability.

Vahb.Shin.Resh (ו.ש.ר) – Increases the power of memory.  This name helps to stimulate the power of memory in your consciousness to remember your mistakes, and learn and internalize the lessons of the past.  It enables you not to repeat errors and avoid paying dearly for difficult experiences.

Heh.Chet.Shin (ה.ח.ש) – Purification of guilt.  Neutralizes guilt feelings; helps you recognize the pain you have caused to others; assists spiritual correction of your past wrongdoings; and brings repentance.

ה.ח.ש helps you overcome the dark and harmful traits that lie inside you and to eradicate them; softens harsh qualities; and helps spiritual amendment.

There are various techniques of meditation, visualization and integration of these blessed letter combinations already within your mind and body.

One of these techniques can be found in my blog article, “The Divine Gift to Mankind  – The 72 Keys to Heavenly Abundance“.

Another technique can be found in this YouTube video.

And most importantly… learn to forgive yourself.

You are only human.

Accept yourself as a whole with your faults and virtues.


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