January 7, 2016

Easily Move Beyond Money “Worry”

For two weeks now, I have been playing my version of The Prosperity Game that was originally channeled through Abraham-Hicks.  Why? It all began with a message left on my answering machine.

Some random company phoned and told me that I had won $25,000 (ummm… okay). I had also just received the first email, in a series, from Cindy Briolota (because I was participating in her game offering). The total received in that email was $557.

At the time, I had been thinking of creative ways to shift my money energy, and the Universe delivered by leaving that voice message.

Since I asked and had quickly received… I grabbed my 5-star green notebook and began circulating (a higher octave word for “spending”) day one’s deposit total of $25,557.

SIDEBAR: My starting deposit was significantly larger than Abe’s suggestion of $100.  I have also circulated the entire deposit the day it is received, and I double it the next day (and so on).

By starting at $25,557, I forced my ego to take a 30-Day vacation.  By playing this ‘game’ at this level, I began resetting my belief system into a system of infinite possibilities!

Rich people believe, “I create my life.”
Poor people believe, “Life happens to me.”


To appease my ego, I circulated day one’s deposit by paying off “debts”.

As the days progressed, I then purchased 2 Land Rover LR4s (one for stateside use and another for Italy), three homes (one badass estate in Belize, one dreamy 100-acre ‘off grid’ home in AR, one beyond amazing 14th Century Italian castle), 2 yachts (one for skipping about the bay and the other [has a helipad] for globetrotting… “Come on, son” {giggling}), hundreds of pristine acreage in the Ozarks (gotta save the planet), a well-maintained Gulfstream G450, a Sikorsky S-92, and hired staff and crew to manage it all.

I have yet to buy new clothes or shoes because I am not really into that scene.  (Still waiting for a steam train to be placed on sale for my Prince who is quite the ferroequinologist.).  Scratch that!  I just went online and found an engine and a beautifully renovated 1936 passenger railcar for sale. KISMET!

Today, I am on Day 15, and I have energetically circulated MILLIONS of dollars!

Can… you… imagine?  😀

The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living, and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining. This Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction.


My greatest joy, through all this, has been in my increased ability to “give back”. There are so many wonderful well-deserving charities (whose missions are geared towards the betterment of this planet and all of her inhabitants) that need financial gifts to continue doing what they do.

Also, helping “other versions of me” lights me up like a star gone supernova.  This ‘game’ has really aligned me with my biggest desire in a greater way!

Whenever I wrote my financial gift in my ledger, I could energetically feel the chosen organization receiving it.  Oh, what a yummylicious feeling it is!

“What you think about, you bring about.”

With “money not being an issue”, I have experienced how it feels to buy anything I could ever imagine and give back in the most incredible ways.

However, I really really love the simplicity of my life.  Even though, I “have” all these wonderful things… they are not what matter to me.

In a few days, my wealth accumulation will be in the billionsthen in the trillions!

And those millions, billions and trillions of dollars will do a lot of good in this world.  So, I will keep playing… and shifting… and giving… and receiving!

Want to play my version of the game aptly named “My Trillionaire Life”?

Then click here

♥ #SharingItForward™ matters! ♥

To change the world you are in,
Give to the world what you have,
And serve the world with who you are.


Last but not least, the following article eloquently speaks about how having a Billionaire’s Mentality actually “increases your wealth AND improves your relationship with money”.

Happy reading!


Do you want to increase your wealth and improve your relationship with money?

Are you willing to ALLOW a constant flow of prosperity into your life?

All it takes is a decision and belief.  Simple, huh?!

Sure, you’ll have to let go of a great many negative beliefs that you currently hold on to for dear life.

Billionaires trust something that most people don’t… there will always be an abundance of money and resources. A never-ending supply. They believe that all of their needs will be met. That includes money, love, knowledge, space, energy, peace, fun and more.

All billionaires may not feel all of that. But that is true prosperity. That ‘knowing and trust’ allow you to act more freely. You make decisions based on what you want, not what is possible. Billionaires know it’s all possible.

At any point, so far, have you thought ..

I don’t need to be a billionaire.
I can’t imagine that. Being a millionaire is even beyond me!
How would I get there?
That sounds overwhelming.

Prosperity means trusting that you can have the desired outcome without having to give up anything (except that nasty gremlin who has you believing those limiting thoughts!). When abundance is your primary belief, you can have it all. You won’t be taking anything away from anyone else, either.

Recently, I went to a beautiful restaurant for dinner. The couple I was with kept making comments about the menu prices. It detracted from the beauty of the moment and anticipation of the meal. When you focus on price, you begin judging and justifying its worth.

If you’re in business for yourself, you’ll notice the same thing happens when you decide to increase your fee or your price list. If an expensive dinner freaks you out, don’t do it. But notice what beliefs are making that decision for you. If you’re focused on paying debt and cutting down on unnecessary expenses, this decision is aligned with your strategy. But strategy will only get you so far if you have lack lurking behind the scenes.

I’ve coached billionaires and millionaires, with no debt, and some are still plagued with the fear that someday their wealth will disappear. This has them making choices in their lives that aren’t truly making them happy. They stay in careers where they work 24/7.

This is not the way life is designed to be. You have the choice to go on the same way or uncover more of what’s limiting you. As you get smarter, the lack mentality is very subtle but has a huge impact on your life. The ‘Billionaire Mentality’ is available to you right now!

Are You Truly Ready For Prosperity? Really? You’ll have bouts with fear, discomfort, and insecurity. You’ll control, push, worry and get spun up in your head about how to get what you want.

It takes practice, but it’s a worthy cause. And it can be quite fun!

Here are some small steps to get you started…

* Decide to focus on what you want, rather than on what you don’t have.

* Ask yourself when making decisions, “If money wasn’t an issue what would I do or how would I feel about this issue? If I knew my desire was possible what would I do next?”

* Surround yourself with people, books, audios and information that support you in this quest. This isn’t the average person’s way of thinking. Most people are hooked into struggle, limitation and “someday”.

* Start noticing who is making decisions for you.  Is it your “gremlin” or is it the “billionaire” in you who trusts in your brilliance and unlimited resources?


Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun. www.MasterpeaceCoaching.com

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