October 22, 2016

Embodying The Dark Goddess

You called to me some five years ago, and I rejected your call.

You called again earlier this month… and I, once again, set you aside.

However… now, on this day… I am ready.

I am ready to dwell in the darkness and acquire your hidden knowledge.

I am ready (really, I am) to stand firmly in my Divinity.

I am ready, Dark Goddess.

Hear me!

Take your staff and tear down the walls that are blocking me from your Truth.

Place me under your mantle of Omnipotent Power.

Enshroud me in your essence that is the Eternal Black Flame.

Covet my soul.

Lay it bare upon your blackened shores of Infinite Wisdom.

Come unto to me, Dark Goddess!

Come unto to me, and bless me now!

Are you ready to invoke The Dark Feminine?

Try my quick invocation above or use this ritual by Temple of Ascending Flame.


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