January 28, 2017

Emotions as Portals of Healing

A lot stuff is coming up today –like a tsunami. One minute, I feel weepy. The next, I feel bored. Shortly thereafter… I feel like calling 1-800-CUT-A-BITCH!

On a spiritual level, I get it.  More layers of the onion that is me require peeling. UGH!

So much gunk.

I know I have it within me to handle what is showing up for me now. My ego simply does not want to deal with any of it.

I want to scream.

I want to cuss someone out.

I want to punch something.

Thankfully, I can write it all out sans shame.

It’s helping.

Like many, I am deeply affected by the Moon and its travels in the sky. Lately, more so than before.

So how I’m feeling has a lot to do with where La Bella Luna is right now.

Yesterday, we experienced a New Moon in Aquarius, which means, we’ll still be feeling its effects for another day.  Also, Mars landed in its home sign… Aries. Ummm… yay?

Sooooo… I really understand why I am feeling this way.

What I am feeling is an intense need to break free from this cage I built for myself out of fear. I need to proclaim my independence and take action in the direction of my dreams.

I know I’ve typed those words before…

The Cosmos are screaming at me… “WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO FOR IT!”

My Aries Moon is beyond frustrated with how things have been… and might go if I remain where I am.

Whatever restrictions or responsibilities you’re confronting, the message is crystal: now is the time to move forward, and maybe even start fresh. [source]

Frustrated with how I have been showing up.

Just frustrated.

My Aquarius Rising feels confined; stagnated; unexpressed.

My Capricorn Sun… is struggling to remain in control.

The rest of me wants to break out of Saturnian restrictions; break free of Capricorn’s conventional ways of being.   Make waves! My Sun sign?  Not so much! OY!

Thank you, emotions, for showing up as “you” did today. “Your” intensity provided me much clarity and insight!

I need a nap. 😉

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