February 13, 2022

Ever-Expanding in Love

Another day, minding my Ps and Qs, when the veil between dimensions decided to completely dissolve.  Allow me to explain.

Earlier today, I participated in a Divine I Am Transmission and Activation offered by this beautiful soul.

While in the midst of this juicy field, I became acutely aware of some crystals sitting atop a tall, square table in front of my desk (where I was sitting).

As I focused on this piece of furniture, my eyes were drawn to the massive Rose Quartz crystal tree that was sitting in the middle. Mind you, I had to tilt my eyes upward to take it all in.

  1. My eyes were closed.
  2. This piece of furniture doesn’t exist in my home.
  3. Neither does the RQ tree and other crystals that were surrounding it.


Since the call I was participating in had a lot to do with releasing outdated codes and upgrading one’s wealth consciousness, I find this vision to be quite fascinating as this vision occurred when clearing was being done around my heart center. (Roughly, this size, but with delicate Rose Quartz chips!)

The message I received from it was, “Do what you love.”

Am I? Hmm. Looks like it’s time for me to fully play in the infinite field of YES, and do just that.


Several hours later, I pulled this card.

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“All of the restrictions and blockages of your heart space have now been removed.  The worst is behind you, and the world needs you.” Gateway of Light Activation

Really? YUP!

What makes this card really fascinate the hell out of me is that it was page 144.  Just add some zeros, and you’ll see it.


Are you too being called to play full out in YOUR juicy YES?!?

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